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Second Degree

Season 2, Episode 7 Aired: 2012-06-09

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Continuum: Second Degree Review

Spinning the Revolving Door

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Continuum has brought up several debatable topics that up in the past, and not just the corruption of the corporations, but I don't think any of them compare to feelings Canadian citizens have about the justice system, which was exhibited extremely well during Second Degree.

Yes, for international viewers, it really is that bad. Most media outlets have begun to refer to it as the revolving door justice system, since criminals often just walk in accused and walk out a free person after a short trial due to very minor mistakes, regardless if there was evidence to prove them guilty, or due to judges handing out ridiculously weak sentences, like giving them time served for horrific crimes.

Although, Julian's trial did take it even further by revealing something that many suspect, even though there is little evidence to support it - the judges are being paid off or pressured by outside parties to give the ridiculous rulings. Worse yet, it showed that the corruption of the elected officials, or those running for office, are the ones behind it to gain a stronger foothold during the next election. All this corruption thoroughly infecting every aspect of Vancouver, in this series, makes it seem like the city, and perhaps the world as we know it, is a terrifyingly corrupted place. Perhaps it's time the League of Shadows to step in... or is that Liber8's job?

Now, will Julian forgive Alec for telling the truth the next time they meet? There has been bad blood between them since they were introduced, so I doubt this is going to help their sibling rivalry.

Hard to believe that a butcher would cry in court.

The editing of the trial's beginning and end was absolute genius. I loved the way we were shown the similarities between what he is going through in 2013 and his sentencing in 2077, and how corrupted both systems are. What is that old man up to anyway?

Emily's support and attitude for Alec, and her revealed purpose, are starting to confuse me a bit. As I suspected, she is working for the Mr. E (ha, mystery), but the way she is acting around Alec makes it seem like more than just a job. She is either a highly trained spy who excels in getting close to her targets, or she may actually be developing feelings for him, which wouldn't be too much of a stretch. I just hope that this won't end badly for them when Alec learns the truth, especially now that we know about her amazing fighting moves.

While the trial was going on, Kiera and Carlos was still busy with the case of the week, which, of course, was related to the whole circus trial. While it wasn't a very interesting case, it was a sufficient enough to give Carlos time to ride around with Kiera so she can demonstrate her neat tricks that she's been keeping from him in the past. I love how these two characters can finally work together without being held down by secrets and lies, but I wonder if Carlos is loving her tech a bit too much. Alec does have that spare suit lying around, perhaps Carlos can try it on... after they give it a thorough disinfection. I can just imagine the fun they would have when they both can take on the criminal underworld invisible.

This boat seems to be haunted by a vengeful spirit or something.

What ever happened to Rex anyway? I find it odd that he just disappeared after getting a taste of being a superhero.

Carlos isn't the only one who is having fun working with Kiera, though. Gardiner, who everyone seems to be calling a dick lately (seriously, are dicks really that bad?), even got a chance to work with Kiera, even though the secrets are still in play. After so many episodes of him getting in the way, it is great that he is finally useful for once, and seemingly enjoying it. Now, how long will it take before he figures out Kiera told him the truth at the sniper's apartment?

With Sonya pulling the political strings, Travis is busy training the next generation, apparently. While I understand the need to build a new inner circle for his faction, I don't understand the purpose of his attack at the end of the episode. Was he cleaning up Sonya's mess, since he seemed to be questioning if he made the right move, was he not aware that the judge actually freed Theseus, or did he just want to send a message to a former lover? I hope that future episodes will shed some light on that scene.

Second Degree had lots of action, great teases, new reveals, fresh alliances, and fantastic characters, all tied together with a topical story. The only thing that was a little weak was the investigation. Plenty for us fans to think about and discuss until the next episode.

Oh, and Showcase has revealed what the 1FutureOurWay and Liber8Now is all about on their official website, and it is full of spoilers, even for us Canadians. I understand wanting to clear things up, but perhaps they should have waited for at least one country to have the reveal before sharing it on the site. It also changes the dynamic in ways that makes it less enjoyable than it was before. Before we were just choosing a side, but now we have to consider a certain character's logical choices too, which takes a bit of the fun out of it. This is one reveal that should have been kept a secret until the end. Very disappointing.

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