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Second Degree

Season 2, Episode 7 Aired: 2012-06-09

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Cast and Crew of Continuum: Second Degree


Recurring Guests

Janet Kidder

Ann Sadler

Richard Harmon

Julian Randol

Nicholas Lea

Agent Gardiner

Magda Apanowicz


Tahmoh Penikett

Jim Martin

Adrian Holmes


Tanaya Beatty


Catherine Lough Haggquist

Inspector Nora Harris

Adam Greydon Reid



Gerry Nairn

Old Julian

Dean Paul Gibson


David Ingram

Crown Prosecutor

Crystal Balint

Defense Attourney

Henry J. Mah

Court Reporter

Mark Gash

Middle Aged Man

Michael Vairo

Carson Hirsch

Johnny Cuthberb


Troy Mundle

Kidnapper #1

Paralee Cook


Taya Clyne


Nigel Vonas

Kidnapper #2

Julian D. Chrisopher

Future Judge

Sylvesta Stuart

Future Prison Guard

Mike Carpenter

Carlos Stunt Double

Cassandra Ebner

Emily Stunt Double

Nickolas Baric

Man Stunt Double

John Ulmer

Stunt Sheriff

Bruce Crawford

Stunt Accomplice


Directed By

David J Frazee

Written By

Jeremy Smith

Stunt Coordinator

Kimani Ray Smith

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