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Second Truths

Season 2, Episode 6 Aired: 2012-06-02

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Continuum: Second Truths Review

Kiera Holmes and the Ouroboros

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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After so many secrets piling up since the series premiere, it was only a matter of time before they started to unravel, and during Second Truths, that thread was finally pulled.

It is now two weeks in a row that Liber8 has been free to grow in the shadows, allowing a possibly greater evil to take the stage. We thought the fight against the evil corporations already started, but it appears that the real villains, the entities that are trying to create a future where the corporations have control, have arrived at last.

We were first introduced to Mr. Escher during the season finale, but only by name, and since then his name has been bounced around like super ball, so it was only a matter of time before he officially made an appearance. Hugh Dillon didn't get much of a part this week, so it is difficult to judge his performance yet, but he will likely be returning several times in the future, especially since it seem that he has his hands in everyone's cookie jar.

This is the true face of the evil corporations

I knew there was something up with Emily. While it was never officially announced that she is working for him, but due to Escher recruiting other geniuses, he seems the most likely. I hope for Alec's sake he catches on quickly or this could easily be the cause of Alec dragging the world into a dark place.

Who else is working with Escher? I'm starting to suspect that the new inspector is in his pocket as well. Why else would Dillon be suddenly intertwined in the mess?

The 1FutureOurWay and Liber8Now voting is starting to make sense now, and I don't think Kiera and Carlos are officially on either side, and instead will soon find themselves sandwiched between two warring factions, the corporations and Liber8. Could this mean that Kiera may end up helping Liber8 if she decides to help her friends build a better future, or will she blindly help maintain the future she came from?

She may not know it yet, but after the changes she already made, especially this week, she isn't really helping the corporations. Sure it was just a serial killer who she remembered from the future, but every change could have huge ramifications on the future. Any one of those saved lives could be the sabot that clogs the corporations gears, not to mention everything else she changed.

Since the last season I thought that Kiera was slowly turning into a super hero, but now I'm starting to think of her as a futuristic Sherlock Holmes too. The reveal that she is a powerful deductionist and how she solve cases the police can't, only reaffirms that. Then there is the famous Sherlock quote imbedded into the dialogue. If they start using this side of her more often, you definitely won't hear many complaints from me.

Nothing clears up a case so much as stating it to another person.

Paul Jarrett and Michael Teigen were brilliant villains during this case, and both for completely different reasons. Jarrett acted so calm and cool when talking to Carlos that he felt like a brilliant mastermind exposing his devious plans to the great detective, confident in the fact that there was nothing that they could do to him. Then there was Teigen who played the part of the insane murderous psychopath who was still smart enough to notice even the smallest details. Can we get more awesome villains like these in future episodes?

This case was also the perfect backdrop for Kiera finally revealing more about herself. Keeping all those secrets from her friends was tearing her apart, so now that she has yet another person she can be honest with, she might find it easier to settle into the present, and slowly forget about the painful memories of her past. Now only if she could open up to a few other people too, she might finally be able to do her job without being tied down with questions and doubt.

But was she really so broken that she was ready to die? We already knew what happened when others use her stuff, but she really looked and sounded ready to give up. Was it what Carlos told her that pushed her over the edge, or was she just putting on an award-winning performance to trick the bad guy? It sure looked legit. Amazing job as usual Rachel! I can only imagine what her death would have done to her friends, and it isn't pretty, especially for Carlos and Alec.

Also, what the hell is up with Kiera's reflection. For some reason Kiera's reflection is distorted at times, and this one was very obvious since the person she was with was perfectly fine. Why is she twisted when others are not? Could this be something to do with her not existing in the future, or just a hint that her character twisting out of who she used to be? Since it isn't constantly distorted, I am leaning more toward it being a visual hint, but, regardless, it is a neat effect.

Second Truths might have just been the biggest game-changing episode yet this season, and there were some huge ones already. Yet, with so much happening behind the scenes, the best is likely still to come.

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