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Second Opinion

Season 2, Episode 5 Aired: 2013-05-26

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Continuum: Second Opinion Review

The Inquisition

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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We all should have known this was coming. So far this season of Continuum it has been one black eye after another for the Vancouver Police, and their strongest asset, Kiera, has been slowly wearing out. A good kick in the pants, via an inquisition and therapy, was exactly what the doctor ordered.

But did it really have to be so costly? I'm not going to say who was forced out, in order to limit the spoilers, but this may be one of the biggest mistakes the police have done yet. I hope that person isn't gone for long, although I suspect it will not be with the VPD. Perhaps Kiera can use another side-kick. Although, the newly unemployed may also be another mole. While I don't think that Liber8 would be able to convince someone so law-abiding, I wouldn't put it past Simon Barry to use this for another huge twist in the future.

As for the revealed mole, I expected it to be a larger character, but I was still shocked at the who it was. This mole has done so much to aid in the department that I completely dismissed this Liber8 spy. Still, it does make sense given the level of access and skills this betrayer has, but really? I guess it is true that you need to watch out for the polite and quiet ones. I wonder if Alessandro Juliani will return when Kiera learns the truth?

I love the idea of having a virtual therapist embedded into the CMR, and Juliani did a fabulous job at bringing this AI to life. Why did it take so long for it to kick in? With the flood of emotions she has gone through since her journey in time, the program should have noticed her mental unbalance earlier and kicked in. Oh well, it is done now, and it appears that she is finally ready to let go of her past / future and concentrate on the job at hand.

The scene with Kiera and her son was absolutely heart-wrenching! What an incredible performance from Kiera, and what an amazing way for her to finally relieve all that sadness that has been bottled up for so long. There has been so many of these powerful and emotional scenes this season, but this one was definitely the best so far.

The idea of the shrink having the ability to wipe someone's mind was awful though. I hope it was just a bluff programmed into the AI to put more pressure on the officer to open up and get past their problems. How would an officer even operate without their memories of family and friends anyway... besides like a machine?

Get yourself together or I'll give you a frakking mind wipe!

Artifex Studios has pulled of some masterfully done effects before, but Mr. Fairweather was amazing! I especially loved the way he passed through objects and the alterations of his reflection. If it was any other Canadian series the effects would have probably looked cheap, or they would have made sure everything happened in open spaces and with much less walking around, not to mention having people walking through him.

Kiera is definitely not winning the fight for the past,with Liber8 is slowly taking control at every turn, and with their latest recruit their influence is likely to only grow further. While some may not like some of their tactics, it is clear their message is starting to be heard by some very smart and powerful people.

While it was chaos at the precinct, Alec made a few questionable choices too. His partnership with Kellog definitely isn't going to go very well, and neither is working with a certain time traveller, but the worst was him calling Kiera's number without blocking his caller id when he knew she was in trouble. With the headache Gardiner has caused Kiera since he showed up, I can only imagine the nightmare he will put this genius through. Perhaps when he shows up Alec can introduce himself as the S-6 Q or something.

Matthew Kellog is still a mystery. Is he just trying to become a big figurehead in the corporate congress, or does he have something very different planned? Then there is the odd behaviour when Alec was helping Kiera. It would not surprise me at all if he is working with Sonya's Liber8 faction.

Second Opinion may have been light on Liber8 and the action, but it excelled at propelling the story and characters forward. Now only if Kiera could realize that fighting the corrupt corporations are a good thing...

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