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Second Skin

Season 2, Episode 4 Aired: 2013-05-12

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Continuum: Second Skin Review

Super Rex!

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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How many superhero fans just dream of stumbling across something that makes all of their wildest heroic fantasies a possibility? Probably every single one. Although, after almost getting killed doing it, how many would be able to resist the alluring call to continue anyway? That was the conundrum that the always incredible Patrick Gilmore's character, Rex, had to struggle with. No, we aren't going to get a second hero on the streets, yet, unless his beating damaged his nerves enough that he becomes Kick Ass.

Unlike most other guest stars, we actually learnt a lot about Rex, so much so that almost half the episode revolved around him, and none of the existing stars were even a part of most of it. This college dropout, who runs a dry cleaning store, is the first character, (this could have been Betty but still barely know at this point) who the major science fiction fans, who some would call geeks, could really relate too. How awesome was it that they added an amazing cosplay wedding to his story? Since so much time was spent building Rex's character, I hope that this isn't the only time he joins the cast. Who knows, maybe he will track down Kiera and beg her to become her sidekick.

This could almost be a poster with him and Kiera!

Although, he probably would have been another casualty of war if not for the incredible timely intervention from Kiera, who actually spend most of the episode taking time for herself for a change. Actually, most of her time felt like she was normal for once; she went to a garage sale, met new people, went on a "date", and even visited an old friend at the hospital. That old friend just happened to be her old partner, Elena (the original owner of Rex's super suit), who also got caught in the time shock wave, and, like Kagame, didn't arrive with the rest of them.

Although, this whole arriving at different times depending on the distance from the event horizon is getting just as perplexing as the timeline. Why did Kagame arrive after everyone else when Elena arrived before everyone else. Does this mean Kagame was closer to the Quantum Device, so he travelled the least distance? Could this mean that the "freelancers" were viewers at the execution who just got caught in the blast radius, which is why they are already established by 2013?

I love how Elena opened Kiera's eyes to the benefits of settling down in the present instead of focusing on the family she had in the future, which desperately needs to happen for her to become the superhero Vancouver needs. It is a shame that the CMR apparently has such a nasty side effect, or her old friend may have been there longer to help Kiera fit in better.

Could what happened to Elena be what sparks a passion between Kiera and Carlos? I can't even describe the feelings I get when thinking about it, I just hope it never happens! They should and always remain friends and partners, who rely on each other and alter each other's views as the series goes on, but nothing more. Could I see her get involved with someone else, sure. Hell even Gardiner would be a better match... Whoa, I kid, I kid! Please stop with the hitting.

Alec also had some time off to be normal this week, well as normal as one could get with the stress of turning into an evil corporate overlord, while constantly being pestered by a time traveller for help. So far, I don't know what to make of Emily; she seems nice enough, but something tells me she knew who Alec was before she first talked to him. Could her last name be Escher by any chance? Could she be a time traveller herself? Of course, she could just be an ordinary girl fated to be Mrs. Alec Sadler, but where's the fun in that? Perhaps if he wasn't so interested in chasing some redhead around he would have noticed a problem with one of his inventions.

The latest wedge between Alec and Kiera.

We know that the CMR was the culprit for Elena's state, but I am wondering if this was a flaw in the design, if her's was damaged, if it was due to it not being connected to the network for so long, or just something specific with Elena's biology. I wouldn't be surprised if this news instigates another visit from Alec to see if he can find and correct the flaw in Kiera's.

But what of Travis? Something obviously happened to his when Alec was tinkering around again. Could his have been reactivated too? If he didn't have the CMR and was that perfect before, I am almost afraid to see what he can do now. Even worse, just imagine him with a CMR and a suit; screw Liber8, Verta would be Kiera's arch nemesis and we would have a real super hero story on our hands... On second thought, can we give Travis the suit now?

If I didn't know any better, I would assume that the Liber8 portion of the episode was just written and produced this week, with #Liber8Now winning the vote for the finale, and the recent spike in gas prices. If there is anything that gets the average civilian upset at the corporations, it is the price of gas. Perhaps the next episode could address the growing hatred of TV and Internet subscriptions prices since we do pay some of the highest rates in the world (yes, that is a shot at Bell, Rogers, Shaw and Telus – lower your rates already!).

There are so many possibilities of where the story can go after this episode, but I have faith that wherever this series will take us, it will be fantastic, like every other episode of this series so far. Hey, can we see Carlos in a super suit next? Even Alec would be fantastic, which he could use to show off to his new girlfriend.

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