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Second Thoughts

Season 2, Episode 3 Aired: 2013-05-05

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Continuum: Second Thoughts Review

A New Drug War

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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After last episode's action-packed ride, Second Thoughts took more time to provide the juicy character building, and colossal reveals needed to keep us guessing, yet still providing enough fighting to keep the action-junkies in most of us satisfied.

Let's be honest, one of the first thing that many Canadians think about when they hear the name Vancouver, other than rain, is drugs, specifically one with a very recognizable leaf (warm winters, beautiful scenery and expensive round out the top 5), so the most recognizable drug not show up in a drug filled episode, was a very welcome surprise.

Although, the drug that did show up is so much worse, when it isn't used under extreme supervision anyway. The idea of a drug that gets you 'high' by allowing you to re-experience your fondest memories sounds like something that would really take off, but sadly the gangs used this future drug all wrong. Just think of it, they could have set up shop, let people in to purchase time where they could relive their experiences safely, which would have probably prevented the drug from jumping to the top of the police radar. Wouldn't that have been a better investment opportunity to... wait, I'm starting to sound like Kellog. Time to get back on track. This new drug, Flash (wasn't that drug in Andromeda?), quickly became the cornerstone for almost everything that happened during 'Second Thoughts', and caused many characters to doubt their own actions.

Instant memories in a dropper, just think of the potential!

I was so proud of Alec when, unlike his friends, he passed on the new drug, but the fact he still let Ricky drive really threw that feeling out the window (as he should have done with the drug). I completely understand him being conflicted and confused with his ever changing path, but it doesn't take a genius to know that resorting to a drug to get answers is never a good idea.

Of course, this wouldn't have even been a choice if not for Sonya. I love how conflicted she was during this episode. Even though our first memories of her include the "crowbar queens" beating up dope growers, she was always the one who embraced Kagame's more peaceful methods, which is likely why he chose her to take control in his passing.

Although, I wonder how she will be able to take the peaceful path with Travis still out for her blood? This super soldier has proven how resourceful he is, and how vicious. I can't see him standing down until he has his revenge, or they somehow reconcile. Now that he his new army Sonya and Lucas doesn't even have a chance. Did anyone else think that the heads might have been overkill?

This does give Lucas an opportunity to shift allegiances too; he has been pointing out the benefits of Travis' methods. If he does, what would that mean for Sonya? Would she be removed from the equation (I really hope not), or will she become a freelancer and assist another group, like Kellog?

I almost feel sorry for Julian who is stuck in jail and getting sandwiched between Sonya and Travis' fighting. At least he is being protected, even if the group doing to protecting is constantly shifting. Will they ever break him out of jail? If he does get out, thanks to the news of what was going on in that building, I don't think he is going to have any issues finding followers, even without help from Liber8.

After this episode's events, I think it is obvious that Continuum is taking place in a very wild paradox. The building being blown up, the leaps in technology, and even a certain genius' birth, have all been influenced by the future. Seriously, I thought Doctor Who's Timmy Wimey Wibbly Wobbly... Stuff was messed up, but Continuum's timeline seems even more chaotic now? Why hasn't anyone taken the reigns on a temporal directive and enforcement yet? I think one thing is certain at this point, the 2077 that Kiera came from is definitely changed, but by how much?

Time Traveller, Inventor, Husband, Father, and Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist?

I am still in shock from the reveal of who Jason is. Holy crap! If it is accurate, that changes everything we know about several characters, not just Jason. I can't wait to see learn more... let's just hope he isn't found inside-out with his intestines hanging from a tree before we do.

Although the conclusion of Kiera's ordeal in the future flashback was also a very memorable event, and not the type of memories you want to recall when using Flash. It sure made Kiera's insane behaviour at the den more understandable; it's a shame that she couldn't tell Carlos why without eroding more of her mystique. I still can't believe they showed that; what a jaw-dropping way to fade to credits!

I really like how the episodes are being presented this season. The first season felt very much like a police procedural, but in this season everything flows much more naturally with several intersecting storylines happening at once that all span multiple episodes. Sure, each episode still has a theme, but they are significantly more subtle than they used to be. I can't wait to see what mess is introduced next.

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