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Second Thoughts

Season 2, Episode 3 Aired: 2013-05-05

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Continuum: Second Thoughts

Season 2: Episode 3

"Second Thoughts" Review

Episode Plot

Alec is injured in a car accident while joyriding with his friends who are intoxicated on a dangerous new drug sweeping the streets. Kiera recognizes this new poison as a drug from her future and deduces that Liber8 is responsible for putting it on the streets. Julian's mother visits him in prison, awakening his desire to take the fight in a new direction.

Starring Cast

Luvia Petersen

Jasmine Garza

Omari Newton

Lucas Ingram

Richard Harmon

Julian Randol

Janet Kidder

Ann Sadler

Magda Apanowicz

Maya Hartwell /

John Cassini


Ian Tracey



Episode Quotes

Jason: I think we've got freelancers.

Ricky: Why would you settle for good when this flash shit makes you great.

Inspector Dillon: Well if we can't kill the dragon, at least we can stop feeding it.

Carlos: This Liber8 rhetoric about personal rights and freedoms, at the end of the day they are nothing but a bunch of thugs.

Kiera: Because you have the morals of a sea slug.

Kiera: Trouble in paradise, the enemy of my enemy and all that.

Kiera: If I give away all my secrets I lose my mystique.

Sonya: When you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas, and the protector.

Lucas: If you want to make an omelet, you've got to crack some eggs.

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