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Split Second

Season 2, Episode 2 Aired: 2013-04-28

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Continuum: Split Second Review

Even Heroes Have Bad Days

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains spoilers.***

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Some fans complained that the season premiere wasn't epic enough, apparently there wasn't enough action, or something, but I don't think that will be a problem for 'Split Second'. There's been some crazy and intense action scenes in this series before, but the fight scenes this week were at a whole new level.

We didn't get to see Travis unleash his inner fury very much in the first season, but if these first two episodes are any indication, he isn't going to be sitting back and watching this year. Last week he may have attacked a number of medical staff at the hospital, but that was nothing compared to the prison gang, and yet he still tossed them around like they were weaklings.

I absolutely loved the look on Julian's face as he watched Travis kill his new "friends"; so much for Travis and Julian being prison buddies. Since Travis told that Alec's step-brother that he is meant for more, does that mean someone will be breaking Julian out before he goes to court? Perhaps he will be released on a technicality.

The prison fight, or should I say prison slaughter, was just the warm up for the main event, though. After seeing what this super-soldier could do to earlier, I'm impressed that Carlos was able to take him on as well as he did. Travis was strong enough to pull break the free of his chains, but yet Carlos managed to survive his encounter with only a few scrapes and bruises. Sure, getting bounced around in the back of a truck may have made it a difficult for Travis to connect his hits, but he only needed a few seconds to kill his previous wave of victims. I guess Carlos was right, Fonnegras really are a hardy stock. Something tells me that Carlos will be calling shotgun the next time they transfer a prisoner together.

At this point, Carlos decided that he would never sit in the back of any vehicle again.

Of course, this prisoner transport nightmare wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for a Liber8 mole in the police, but who could it be? While it would make sense for a lower level yet-unnamed officer to be feeding Liber8 information, I think it might be someone a bit higher up, like Carlos.

No, I'm not just using Carlos as a random example, he fits the profile very well. He grew up in poverty and has stated several times that he doesn't care for the corporations, and being in the back with the prisoner would also be the perfect place to assist in the escape (I don't think anyone would have expected Travis to break free). Although, would he betray the force, especially since he has been so outspoken against the others not following the rules? That's a tough one. If he isn't the one, Travis' "nonsense" might have sparked something. Also, how many people need to mention time travel and the future before Carlos realizes she is from the future?

There were a few problems with the prison transport though. First, why didn't Dillon send air support to help Kiera and Carlos as soon as they found out that their communications were cut off after the other convoy was hit? Sure, they were off the original track a bit, but if a helicopter was already looking for them, it would have probably been close enough to save the day. Also, wouldn't it have been smarter for both prison transports to have an armed escort? Lastly, why didn't the first convoy move away from the suspicious object sitting on the shoulder of the road?

And kudos to whoever thought of the idea that they would control everything remotely. I hope this isn't the first time we get to see them pinned down by a man at a keyboard.

I still don't know what to think about Agent Gardiner at this point. From what we know of him, he is actually a good person who is doing what he believes in to protect his country, but yet he is interfering with our hero Kiera. Too bad they just couldn't be honest with each other instead of constantly butting heads. I almost expected him to do the I told you so dance around the station after the blunder, but sadly we didn't get to laugh.

While the police are licking their wounds, things aren't very stable for Liber8 either. I love how the original members are now split up into the brains and the brawn; it only makes sense that the like minded people would stick together. This is a huge problem for them, though, especially for the soldiers since Lucas is the command central for their other cells. If Liber8 is to succeed in changing the world, they are going to have to kiss and make up eventually.

This is why scientists aren't supposed to become attached to their lab rats.

Although, if the 2077 flashbacks were any indication, Sonya and Travis might just do that, literally. This was the first time we actually saw Sonya and Travis pre-Liber8, including the reason they switched sides. Wow, we all knew that the corporations became evil (or are they already evil), but terminating their soldiers just because the project was too expensive is ridiculous! I don't understand why didn't they just keep the upgraded soldiers and stop any further upgrades? That definitely isn't a very cost effective business practise.

We've also learnt that Travis is equipped with a CMR, like Kiera. Although, if he had a CMR, why didn't Alec suddenly pick up his signal when he arrived in 2012? I suspect that when Sonya escaped with Travis, she probably disabled any remote access to prevent anyone, from finding him, implanting memories, and/or taking control of him. Travis might also be equipped with an earlier model; Sonya did say it wasn't for public use yet, so the remote communication features may not have been implemented yet.

While Liber8 was splitting up into pairs, Alec decided to partner up too, although I don't thing he would have if his boss wasn't ridiculously stupid. Really, what kind of manager of a computer store can't fix a paper jam? I would have also expected him to be thankful for Alec's upgrades, and just requested Alec to send him the changes to get approved? Sure, some managers are really dumb, but I think they took his ignorance a little to far.

So many horrible memories resurfaced when Alec when he had to explain RAM to a customer. I am still a firm believer that people should need to pass a test before buying a computer, not just for their safety but for everyone else's too. I wonder if Kiera's suit has a terabyte of RAM? Is there even RAM, as it exists now, in 2077?

I wonder how this partnership will change Alec's future? After all, he will still be creating technology, so the products he created in the original time-line might still get created, only under a different company's name. Also, Alec was a very powerful man in 2077, so what type of role is he striving for this time, supreme ruler of the world? Perhaps he can become the world's saviour instead by giving away the technology he makes, at cost of course, to make the world a better place. Nah, I don't think money-bags would be too happy with that.

I didn't comment on the acting for a while, but all the actors constantly do such an outstanding job with their characters on this series that, like the visual effects, there normally isn't anything to critique. I wish every series had a cast as talented as Continuum's.

The pieces are really moving around the board this season, making it nearly impossible to figure out how everything is going to unfold. There may be a few odd problems, but I still I love how this season is shaping up so far. I need to invent a time machine so can just into the future to watch every episode that will be made... then return to the present of course, but while I'm there, I'd probably grab the history of winning lotto numbers, you know to make the trip even more useful. (Don't worry, I would share some with my faithful readers.)

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