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Second Chances

Season 2, Episode 1 Aired: 2013-04-21

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Continuum: Second Chances Review

Vancouver's New Hope

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


After the events of the first season's finale, we knew there were going to be some huge changes coming, which caused a few fans to fear that those changes could ruin the series. Thankfully, we can all rest easier now; everything that made season 1 awesome is still here, only cranked so high that needle is floating somewhere in space and time.

Alec's changes are definitely the most pronounced. When we left him in season one, the message obviously had him thinking about his future, but did anyone expect him to leave his past life so drastically? Not only did he cut off his life with Kiera, but even his mom was abandoned.

Just think of what Anne is going though? She saw her husband killed, her step-son was arrested, and now Alec just packs up and doesn't even call her? I believe he has realized what he has done to her now, but wow, talk about cold!

The message Alec found wasn't revealed as quickly as some had hoped, but for a very good reason, it is still a secret. I can't believe that he never told her everything! Sure, the news of his older-self's mission would have broken her heart, but she needs to know, and soon. Like a band-aid, it would better to get it done with quickly; the longer it takes, the more painful it will be.

Although, without the truth about the future, she has become a fantastic superhero. We saw her grow into this powerful Dark Kiera during the final episodes of the first season, but now she has clearly adopted the role in her fight against Liber8; the police even call her the unknown vigilante now (to the media anyway). I love how Carlos has even picked up on the similarities between her and other comic book heroes, specifically Batman, and often jokes about it with her, even though she doesn't get references.

Kiera playing "Where's Waldo"

Of course, where would Batman be without toys? Her multi-tool is still mostly used as a Sonic Screwdriver, and taking down Liber8 members while invisible looked incredibly fun, but it was her CMR that revealed a new trick. The ability to project past images was used before with cell phone signals, but this is the first time we saw it with video cameras. Why weren't the normal police able to figure out the trajectory of the bullet from the blood splatter the old-fashioned way? It may not have been able to pin-point the exact apartment, but they should have figured out what building, right?

While her allies at the VPD are happy with her work and her assistance, not everyone is a fan. Agent Gardiner is still pressing for answers, most specifically her little disappearing act. I guess he isn't listening to his superiors who told him to assist her. It probably won't take long for him to dig up some of the truth, but will he even believe it? After all, Kiera did tell him everything and he brushed it off as an outrageous lie, just like anyone in his shoes would have.

Kiera needs someone she can be honest with, and I think both Carlos and Inspector Dillon would be great candidates. Carlos has demonstrated his willingness to look past her secrets for so long, and with his obvious knowledge in science fiction, he could probably accept it. Meanwhile, Dillon is taking some really huge risks while he covers for her, and isn't afraid to stand up against Gardiner, so he would probably accept the truth too. If he is willing to work with a vigilante in secret, how would working with a time traveller be any different?

At least she still has Matthew Kellog, aka Money Bags / Kiera's Sugar Daddy. He's been feeling a bit used lately, but I think that's the way he likes it. If it wasn't for him, I doubt that she would have been able to continue on her own, without robbing ATMs again, but perhaps he should start giving her less money at a time to give her more reasons to visit him. Perhaps he can start making Kiera action figurines to make up for the money she is costing him; I know I would by them. (hint, hint)

I'm sure she would have killed him softly... if she had the time.

On the Liber8 side of the story, things didn't go as I thought it would. I can't believe Julian is still in the picture, even if it's just a buddy for a former super-soldier who comes packed with a built in defibrillator. Even though are only together because an agent is pulling strings to learn more about them, I can foresee huge advancements thanks to their pairing. Who knows, maybe other members will be joining them soon, then Liber8 can recruit all the inmates to their cause.

While others are serving time in prison, Sonya may be wishing she was too. Sonya's feeling for Travis wasn't a secret, so what she did to him must be tearing her apart. Not only that, but since she didn't even finish the job due to lack of ammo and being interrupted (she obviously knew of Travis' resuscitation gift since she helped make him), the rest of her team are constantly questioning her. Why didn't she just show everyone Kagame's letter so they knew it was his choice for her to be in charge?

From what we have seen of Sonya's skills as the Liber8 leader, she is doing an amazing job. I love how she is accomplishing their plans for Jim Martin (yes, Carlos' old friend was back) and making it seem like they are being set up in the process. This is one group that is growing fast, and even if the key members are taken out, it is likely the damage to the future is already irreversible.

But did we really want that future to happen anyway? While I love the idea of the old man living in a flying house, his ability to mess with people's CMR was terrifying, never mind all the other horrors we already know. Who knows what else he implanted into her memory? We still don't know why he chose her, though. Was it random, due to her skills, or did he just find her attractive? That one we may never know.

While the visual effects throughout this entire episode were amazing, just as we have come to expect from Artifex Studios, but the 2013-2077 transition scene was brilliantly done. By far my favourite special effect yet.

Wow, there was lots to cover in this episode, and I'm sure I left several things out. With all the excitement, twists and information overload, we could probably analyze this episode for months and still be finding gems. If the rest of this second season is as great as this episode, we should be in for a fantastic time.


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