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Season 1, Episode 10 Aired: 2012-08-05

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Continuum: Endtimes Review

The End is Nigh!

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

Get your tinfoil hats ready because this episode is one wild ride! A lot of what was revealed I suspected from the beginning, but when they started throwing other time travellers into the mix, this show got even more amazing.

Ian Tracy does a fantastic job at playing the crazy man. He fit into the role amazingly in Sanctuary and does so in Continuum too. Jason, his character, appeared to be the standard “end of the world” lunatic, but he ended up being so much more. Sure, he is still a lunatic, one that may have sidetracked Kiera's ascension toward her superhero future at bit, but in a way, he was a mirror to what she might have become. Amazing what can happen if someone gets tossed back to the 1990s instead of 2012. Was he crazy when he appeared, or was that a side effect of our wonderful mental health system?

I hoped that he really did have some amazing time machine to mess with the space-time continuum even more, but then the awesome would never have happened.

Kagame pitched some massive curve-balls this episode, or was it Alec? I suspected that this may have all been planned, but things are different this time due to a few deaths. We still don't know exactly what Alec had planned for Liber8 and Kiera, but this probably isn't going to go the same way as previous events. It is even possible that Alec planted the seeds to change the future. We don't know, and that is what's so awesome about this. Could Kiera and Liber8 now be on the same side, or is this going to wedge them apart even more?

Who is Mr. Escher? He is protecting Kiera for some unknown reason, and we don't even know why he came to this time, or what he looks like. This freelancer could be the one trying to bring the corporations to power and the real villain behind all this, or just someone sent to protect our heroine. Yet another unknown.

Even though this mysterious stranger got Agent Gardiner (Nicholas Lea) of her back for a bit, he obviously isn't going to let this one go, especially after her disappearing act. The scene did make her appear like a full fledged superhero though. Will Gardiner tell Carlos, who is still in the dark after everything, or will he work on his own? Regardless, I can see him being a pain in the neck for her in the future.

Holy crap! Did I miss a meeting that involved handing out invisibility devices?

How did Carlos heal so quickly anyway? He was close to death at the end of the last episode, and he is fine during this one. Even Kiera commented that it seemed too fast. How much time actually passed? Or, could there be another twist... What if Carlos is really Mr. Escher and there is 2 of them floating around. It can't be anything as twisted as that, or can it?

This brings me to a topic that is going to get a lot of haters going. Apparently, Matthew and Kiera did sleep together. But was it the night we last saw them, or has this been a working plan for a long time? Some will be disgusted that she slept with this con-man, but it may have been a plan. It may have been her excuse so she can sonic her way into his safe and steal the fragment. She may also be warming up to him. She did return to him again. I have a strong suspicion that it may be both.

Acting wise, I didn't notice much, other than broody Julian and Carlos, that was poorly implemented. Perhaps Carlos should have been still favouring his wound a bit since he would be still feeling it, but overall I think they all did a fantastic job!

I have never mentioned them before, but I have been impressed with their work throughout this entire season. Artifex Studio once again did a superb job this episode. It takes a lot of work to make a building blow up and look real, but they did it twice in one episode. Not to mention all the little things that went on seamlessly in the background. They may not have a big name for themselves in the industry, but I am sure they are going to get a lot more attention now.

This was a fantastic season finale, and I'm still calling it that since I expect the renewal to be official soon. Continuum is truly a 1st class series, and one of the best I have seen in a very long time. If they don't choose to renew it, they may find themselves on the receiving end of a monster that they unleashed, Liber8. Until they make it official, let's all rise up and show these corporate dogs that we want more!


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