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Season 1, Episode 8 Aired: 2012-07-22

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Continuum: Playtime

Season 1: Episode 8

"Playtime" Review

Episode Plot

When two murder-suicides happen in the same day, Kiera and Carlos investigate the only tie between the two, a video game company that is doing more then just developing games.

Starring Cast

Omari Newton

Lucas Ingram

Tony Amendola

Edouard Kagame

Mike Dopud

Stefan Jaworski

Richard Harmon

Julian Randol


Episode Quotes

Matthew: I made you some breakfast.
Kiera: What do you want Matthew?

Kiera: I thought, maybe you called because you wanted to return something that you stole.
Matthew: Your heart?

Fred: You know, beta testers can be real losers. Bottom feeders. Not like programmers. Programmers are of the highest echelon.

Alec: I may have to reboot you.

Matthew: I'd tell you my name, but, you know, Section 6.

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