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The Politics of Time

Season 1, Episode 7 Aired: 2012-07-15

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Continuum: The Politics of Time Review

The Ninja Assassin vs The Dark Kiera

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

This week takes a break from the normal Liber8 hunting, and explores Kiera and Carlos' characters a bit more. Sadly they took the police drama story way too far, and if it wasn't for Kiera's advancements, this would have fallen into the realm of mediocrity.

Carlos and Kiera now have a new common problem; they both trusted their friends too much. Whether it was Kiera being betrayed by her friend and husband in 2077, or Carlos trusting his friends he knew for years, everyone has their secrets and will betray their friendship if it benefits them.

Now that both have them have been burnt, they will stop keeping secrets from each other, right? Nope. Kiera must be aware by now that just like the secrets that tore them apart from their friends, it doesn't matter how close they will be, when Carlos finds out the truth about her, it will not end well. This was her chance to come clean, or at least lay the seeds for the truth, but instead she just told him that they need to keep secrets. That decision definitely wasn't the bright spot this week.

Kiera's arsenal is what really shone this episode. With all of her toys, she is like a one-woman police force. She can tell when someone is lying, she can dust for prints then cross-reference them to her own database, hack into electronic devices, and see a holographic display of past events.

If the current law enforcement would have tricks like this, criminals wouldn't stand a chance.
Not sure if the privacy ramifications would be worth it though.

Her micro-dusting spray was really impressive, but it was her Sonic Screwdriver that I loved the most. It may have been an older model (given the size of it), but it had all the tell-tale signs of The Doctor's favourite toy. It is good to know that if the Daleks attack Vancouver that we will have a new protector to deal with. Someone needs to get a picture of her holding this thing up while leaning against a phone booth.

I almost expected Alec to make a Dark Knight joke when Kiera decided to use cell phone signals to trace the past events of the murder. This was a lot more advanced than Bruce's but her suit has a bit more processing power than what we can get at this time. It didn't solve the case, but this Ninja Assassin better keep to the shadows from now on.

I don't have a hard time believing that Liber8 was involved, on the contrary, I expected it. I can't believe that Carlos, who just happened to be Kiera's new partner, knew everyone involved? This was all about putting the right people in power to harm the corporations of the future, so there was no need to implicate Carlos into this story. It felt as if he was just slapped into the story at the last minute so that Kiera and Carlos could bond over this moment of weakness.

One thing that was sorely missing was Liber8's experience. They must have been in a frenzy when Kiera starting investigating into their affairs again. The past episodes split the screen-time between the law and the rebels, so why they didn't do it this time really baffles me.

There was still a lot to enjoy this episode, sadly it just wasn't as great as the previous weeks. This series needs to bring back the perspective of the conspiring forces behind Kiera's problems to keep viewers hyped. That and more Sonic Screwdriver.


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