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Time's Up

Season 1, Episode 6 Aired: 2012-07-08

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Cast and Crew of Continuum: Time's Up


Recurring Guests

Tony Amendola

Edouard Kagame

Omari Newton

Lucas Ingram

John Reardon

Greg Cameron

Janet Kidder

Ann Sadler

Richard Harmon

Julian Randol

Michael Rogers

Roland Randol


Marilyn Norry

Henrietta Spence

Byron Lawson

Terence Chou

Mark Gibbon

Frank Bolo

Caitln Cromwell


Juan Riedinger

Francis Hall

Dalias Blake

Secruty Guard 1

Nickolas Baric

Security Guard 2

Aleks Holtz

Team Leader 2077

Robert Boyce

Stunt Anarchist 1

Johnson Phan

Stunt Anarchist 2

Cody Laudan

Stunt Occupy

Quentin Schneider

Stunt Mounted Police

Monique Granderton

Kiera Stunt Double

Mike Carpenter

Carlos' Stunt Double

Glenn Ennis

Bolo Stunt Double


Directed By

Rachel Talalay

Written By

Jeremy Smith

Written By

Jonathan Lloyd Walker

Stunt Coordinator

Kimani Ray Smith

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