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Time's Up

Season 1, Episode 6 Aired: 2012-07-08

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Continuum: Time's Up

Season 1: Episode 6

"Time's Up" Review

Episode Plot

Kagame pursues step one of his new agenda - win the intellectuals and the grass roots dissenters. When the CEO of a major corporation is kidnapped by Liber8, Kiera and Carlos have to race a literal ticking clock in order to save the CEO from having the public extract their pound of flesh.

Starring Cast

Episode Quotes

Carlos: They're here to make some noise, then they're probably going to go sing kumbaya, smoke a little weed and eat some soy burgers. They're harmless.

Edouard: Now that we are in this time, what's past is prologue.

Carlos: Let's see. We got you on inciting a riot, destruction of property, Aiding and abetting a kidnapping, obstruction of justice, oh and I'm pretty sure I saw you jaywalking

Francis Hall: Please tell me you're going to play bad cop. I'd really, really like that.
Kiera: Be careful what you wish for.

Carlos: I thought that the spectacle of public execution was a thing of the past?

Alec: It's one thing to have instincts, but it's another to have a crystal ball.

Alec: That's just the sound of me crying inside because I'm letting someone else take credit for my work.

Alec: It got transferred off shore faster than you can say untraceable third-world money laundering.

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