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A Test of Time

Season 1, Episode 5 Aired: 2012-06-24

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Continuum: A Test of Time Review

A Test in Death

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

There are several things that have made this new series great in the past, and as we continue over the half-way point of this first season, it looks like things are only getting better.

One of the many reasons why so many Science Fiction series fail after the première is that they become really cheap on the computer graphics. Sure, most of the episodes are in the present day, so they don't have to rely on it constantly, but when it is needed, they haven't been stingy.

The opening scene, for example, was masterfully done. There wasn't one spot that I found that it looked fake, or that something was out-of-place. As a fan of the genre, I greatly appreciate the costs spent to ensure that the level of detail has remained strong. They could have easily gone for a cheaper route on the CG, but this series would have suffered greatly.

This week's story was also amazing. With Kagame turning the group away from terrorism, and toward their long term goals, fractures in the Liber8 ranks formed quickly. With so many ex-military in the group, Kagame had to expect this. I am expecting a major leadership fight soon, and I have no idea who will win, or who I even want to. Travis keeps the action going strong, and the body count climbing fast, but Kagame's goals feel more noble and have a greater chance of a better future.

How can you say no to this man?

Many of the Liber8 members may do what Kellog has done and changed allegiances, too. Kellog and Kiera have already found a lot of common ground, and with the attack during this episode, their bonds will likely only get stronger.

Instead of going after Kiera directly, Kagame decided to go after her ancestors. By removing her grandmother, Kiera would never be born. The decision to put some of Liber8's ancestors into danger was great twist. Kagame is likely wishing he never even bothered with it after Kiera revealed her secret weapon. Even though this forced both sides to act defensively, not everyone's family survived.

They may not like the result, but in a way the test was completed, and everyone is still there. Does this mean that they are in a parallel time-line, or does time travel find a new way to allow them to exist? Perhaps this isn't even the first attempt to change the future. These events may have been repeated several times, but each time it changes the future slightly. It is no coincidence that Kiera was propelled back in time with Liber8, so someone in the future knew something.

So far, this series is beyond anything I ever expected. With the news that the series is being picked up internationally now, I hope that this series will continue long into the future, and not bow down to the financial dealings of its parent corporations.


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