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Matter of Time

Season 1, Episode 4 Aired: 2012-06-17

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Continuum: Matter of Time

Season 1: Episode 4

"Matter of Time" Review

Episode Plot

A scientist that is working on developing a source of clean energy is found murdered. The list of suspects leads Kiera on a journey that leads her to a precarious place –deciding between the right thing to do and the preservation of the future.

Starring Cast

Episode Quotes

Carlos: What the hell penetrates a body, then 5 stories of a building?

Alec: You know I could fix whatever is wonky on your suit, I do know a little bit about electronics.

Lucas: I think we'll be right at home here.

Kellog: Yes, that's ten thousand dollars on the leafs to win. Ya, I know it's a long shot.

Carlos: Did anyone ever tell you that you watched too much Star Trek as a kid?

Carlos: General Tight-ass over here closed that door. Let me find a new lead.

Carlos: Come on, you don't have to fall on your lightsaber for her.

Episode Images

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