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Wasting Time

Season 1, Episode 3 Aired: 2012-06-10

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Continuum: Wasting Time Review

Beware the Queen of Hearts!

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

Continuum continued to thrill and amaze me this week. Several twists I saw coming, while others were a complete shock, and the fighting scene was much better than anything that has been done on this series so far.

Kiera was knee deep into Liber8 even earlier than we thought, and it was thanks to this experience that she survived throughout this episode. Back in the future, she found how just how ruthless Valentine can be, and now that she has left her mark on 2012, Kiera needed to use everything she knew about her to stop her trail of dead bodies from getting longer. It wasn't enough to save her victims, but it did save her from a very fiery surprise. What were the odds of them picking a house with a pool as their base anyway?

The Vancouver Police now have a lot more information on Liber8 than they really wanted thanks to Keira's database. It is amazing on how many members have a military background. How did she retrieve all that information anyway? I doubt that her memory is easily compatible with faxes and printers from this era. Perhaps Alec was able to do it, but if so, isn't there other stuff that would have been useful too?

\who needs a scope when you have a holo-screen?

I suspected Kellog was going to flip sides after the last episode, but I didn't expect it to happen this quickly. Unfortunately, Curtis caught on a bit too quickly, which meant that he was the only member that Kellog was able to 'hand over' to Kiera. How much help will he be in the future is still unknown, but perhaps he will be the nudge that Kiera needs so she can see the problem with the future she is trying to protect.

Apparently the Liber8 group is addicted to a super soldier serum. It might only be a few of them that need the drug, but eventually their new stockpile is going to run out. Since the VPD will be checking for Valentine's signature kill now, they may need to take a different plan when acquiring more mutated pituitary glands so to prevent the loss of more of their teammates.

The biggest surprise for me was that Alec's step-dad appears to be founding the very movement that Kiera is fighting against. Perhaps this is something that he should have let Kiera know of by now? His brother also has the makings of a future Liber8 member, which may add future conflict between these two allies.

This series definitely isn't lacking the ability to keep their viewers interested. With all the stories being setup, there are many avenues that the writers will be able to take to keep it going for a long time, even after Liber8 is gone. Let's just hope they can keep up the quality through it all.


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