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Fast Times

Season 1, Episode 2 Aired: 2012-06-03

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Continuum: Fast Times Review

Wishing for the Leap Home

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

During this second episode of Continnum, the story has already been rewritten and characters have started to take on larger roles. These changes aren't a bad thing, and they actually work quite well. I would recommend to ignore the title though since it doesn't have any meaning for this episode at all.

Wow, did this episode ever bounce back and forth between 2077 and 2012 a lot. This was great for Kiera's character, but made it a bit hard to follow at times. Thanks to the information that was provided about Kiera's past, we know a lot about what is driving her to find Liber8, and it isn't as noble as the first episode made it seem.

With her cover is blown, and on the run from her new friend, she continued to hunt down the cell with a goal that Scott Bakula would be very proud of, a way back home. This is a really far step down from trying to save the world from a group that is hellbent on changing the future, but it works. Kiera isn't a cop because she wants to be, she's a cop to protect her family, and she can't do that from 2012 if the 'terrorists' are gone.

This is what I was meant to be!

Why would the terrorists go back to the future? That is a good question, and one that only Matthew Kellog asked before he was given the cold shoulder by his Liber8 companions. There is so much more that they could affect in 2012 to stop the corporations from taking over, but instead they just want to go back. Kellog realizes this and starts to make investments of his own to forward his goal. Of all the Liber8 members, so far he is the most interesting.

After two failed attempts to return to the future, and a piece of the sphere out of Liber8's hands, everyone may finally get back to the original goal to change the future. Is Kellog going to return to his former group without hesitation, or will he become an ally for Kiera and Alec?

It was really amusing to see Kiera fumble her way through our current technology, but wouldn't all the information be stored in her implants? Did they really phase out all our current tech that thoroughly in 2077? We have a woman that can turn invisible and detect heat signatures, but she still can't figure out how to drive a car. I guess that is the way of the future since 5 people just walked into the same lamp post while texting on my street in the last hour...

There were a few moments that made it look like Kiera and Alec were heading down a path of iron bars, but after wiping away all the tears, we got a new Special Agent Kiera Cameron. She still wants to go back to her family, but I believe it is only a matter of time before she realizes it is better if she stays in 2012.

Even with its flaws, this was still a great second episode. There are many different directions it can take, and eventually, we know that the lines between the good and evil are going to blur even more. What we need is a new villain from the future to show up that causes the government's collapse, or something similar, to unite them all.


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