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Kiera Cameron, a regular cop from the year 2077, gets dragged back to 2012 after a group of freedom fighters called Liber8 use time travel to escape their execution. Until she finds a way home, she decides to track down these escaped convicts before they cause irreparable damage to the future. She's not alone, though, as there are more pieces in play than just Liber8 -- some friendly, and some just as deadly.

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 36

Original Network: Showcase Canada

Normal Runtime: 60 Minutes

Genre: Science Fiction

Air Date and Time:
Canada Showcase: Season 3 Ended
Australia Syfy: Season 3 Ended
United States Syfy: Season 3 Ended

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Travis Verta

Travis Verta

Travis Verta

Roger Cross

Character Information


Unknown (Age: 30s)






Sonya Valentine
Edouard Kagame


Liber8 Member
Former Soldier


Not much is known about Travis before he became a her became a soldier for the Corporate Congress, but much of his time after is a story drenched in blood.

Travis, like many others, started off as a conventional soldier and during his missions he proved that he wasn't only strong and agile, but also smart and resourceful. This made him a clear candidate for a military experiment to create a new wave of super soldiers. He was turned into a genetically altered killing machine whose sole purpose was to follow orders and kill without any feeling of remorse.

He was turned into a wild dog of war, and like any dog, he has a leash. In order to maintain his health, he must receive injections created from a specific mutation of human growth hormones; without them he withers away both physically and mentally, until his ultimate death.

When the corporations that created him tossed him aside like a piece of trash, he grew infuriated. He soon found that he wasn't the only one and that the corporations no longer treated anyone like humans; to them they were just property. He joined up with Liber8 and, under the leadership of Edouard Kagame, he took out his rage on the corporations.

Aside from Kagame, one other person was able to calm the beast inside of him, Sonya Valentine, his former doctor and creator. Even though he has grown close to her, he doesn't love her; that feeling has been torn away with his transformation.

When Liber8 was tossed into the past, and separated from their leader Edouard Kagame, he took over the group and did the only thing he knew, continued the war against the corporations, only unleashed from Kagame's calm philosophical drive. Sonya kept him in control, but his actions cost the lives of several members of his group.

Kagame's arrival unseated him from power, and he once again fell back under control, but like any vicious dog who gets a taste of power, he lashed out against his orders, killing Matthew's mother in cold blood, even when told to stand down. This action shredded the trust Edouard had in him, so after that incident, Travis was left out of his secret plans and Sonya became the second in command, unofficially. He knew that they were hiding something from him, but it wasn't until Kagame's passing that Sonya revealed the truth, that she was to be the new leader of Liber8.


"The revolution is on our schedule Kellog. The war begins now." - A Stitch in Time

"We are still at war." - A Test of Time

"Not a good day to be late!" - Endtime

"You wouldn't be messing with me, now would you?" - Endtime



Travis Verta leading Liber8 through an alley.
Travis Verta getting bad news from Lucas.
Travis Verta sick from the lack of his serum.
Travis Verta getting a life-saving injection.
Travis Verta smoking a joint with Sonya in bed.
Travis Verta getting scolded by Edouard Kagame.
Travis Verta about to fire a pistol.
Travis revealing Alec's arrival.
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