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Kiera Cameron, a regular cop from the year 2077, gets dragged back to 2012 after a group of freedom fighters called Liber8 use time travel to escape their execution. Until she finds a way home, she decides to track down these escaped convicts before they cause irreparable damage to the future. She's not alone, though, as there are more pieces in play than just Liber8 -- some friendly, and some just as deadly.

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 36

Original Network: Showcase Canada

Normal Runtime: 60 Minutes

Genre: Science Fiction

Air Date and Time:
Canada Showcase: Season 3 Ended
Australia Syfy: Season 3 Ended
United States Syfy: Season 3 Ended

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Sonya Valentine

Sonya Valentine

Sonya Valentine

Lexa Doig

Character Information


Unknown (Age: 30s)






Travis Verta
Edouard Kagame


Liber8 Leader
Former Doctor


Sonya Valentine, also known as the Queen of Hearts, is one of the deadliest of Liber8 members. She may appear soft and attractive, but she is cunning and strong; a true survivor.

Sonya started her career in science, and through her powerful intellect, she became the architect of the super-soldier program for the corporate military. Her goal was to create a new human that was strong enough to survive the next disaster. Although, she was soon forced to rush things in order to satisfy her superiors, so she pushed her experiments beyond was she wanted, and even to the point to death. As she forced herself onward, she numbed herself to the horrific reality of her work, until she met Travis Verta.

There was something about Travis that opened her eyes again and caused her to feel. He was more than any lab rat or animal to experiment on, he was a person with immense strength and power.

Her experiments soon became regarded as morally questionable and extremely controversial, so they killed the program, including the people she experimented on. This was a turning point for Sonya, who now saw her test subjects as people, so she took them, including Travis, and fled. Forced to reject her safe and controlled life with the corporations, she turned to Liber8.

During her time at Liber8, she continued her work as a doctor, but with deadlier effects, and was soon branded the title "The Queen of Hearts". It wasn't long before she skyrocketed up on the corporations kill or capture list. Eventually, she was captured, and with the rest of the top Liber8 members, she was a spectacle of the public "execution" that sent them back to 2012.

At first, she kept her role as a follower, allowing Travis to lead. While most others provided the muscle, she provided the scientific brains, even though she was no pushover. It was through her knowledge that she was able to keep her super-soldier allies alive.

When their original leader, Edouard Kagame, returned, he was displeased with Travis' results, and took Sonya under his wing and trained her to become his protégé. This was not announced publicity, but the secrets drove a wedge between her and Travis. Only after Edouard's passing, did she revealed that she would be succeeding him as leader of Liber8.


"I've got something much better for you. You're going to love this." - Wasting Time

"There's a really creepy guy in the neighbourhood who has been giving us trouble." - Matter of Time

"You know, it's not too bad. There's lots of space... a nice TV..." - Matter of Time

"Well, those who seek the truth will find it." - A Test of Time



Sonya Valentine getting troubling news, with Travis and Curtis behind her.
Sonya Valentine captured by CPS.
Sonya Valentine at Travis' side while he suffers from a genetic breakdown.
Sonya Valentine about to break some bikers with a crowbar.
Sonya Valentine and Garza taking out a biker gang.
Sonya Valentine in bed with Travis.
Sonya Valentine and Edouard watching their movement's origins unfold.
Sonya Valentine reading secret orders from Edouard.
Sonya Valentine paying baby Edouard Kagame a visit.
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