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Kiera Cameron, a regular cop from the year 2077, gets dragged back to 2012 after a group of freedom fighters called Liber8 use time travel to escape their execution. Until she finds a way home, she decides to track down these escaped convicts before they cause irreparable damage to the future. She's not alone, though, as there are more pieces in play than just Liber8 -- some friendly, and some just as deadly.

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 36

Original Network: Showcase Canada

Normal Runtime: 60 Minutes

Genre: Science Fiction

Air Date and Time:
Canada Showcase: Season 3 Ended
Australia Syfy: Season 3 Ended
United States Syfy: Season 3 Ended

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Curtis Chen

Curtis Chen

Curtis Chen

Terry Chen

Character Information




2012 from Electric Shock




Liber8 Member
Former Soldier



Curtis Chen grew up with in a poor family, but instead of striving to be an average working citizen, he looked higher and joined the military. When he heard about the program to create Super Soldiers, he volunteered, but was rejected. He took this rejection as a critical failure in his life, which only strengthened his resolve to prove to the world, and himself, that he is worthy.

Angry with what he was seeing in the war, he turned against the corporations joined Liber8. Once part of Kagame's organization, he proved himself time and again, including the destruction of the Corporate Congress building. Even though he escaped the destruction of the building, he was still captured shortly after, sentenced to death, and joined the public execution that Liber8 back to 2012.

When they arrived in the past, he stayed with what remained of Liber8 under the leadership of Travis, but he was distrustful of one member of the group, Matthew Kellog. He did his best to push him out of the group, and Kellog recognized this, so he set up a trap for him, under the disguise of capturing Kiera, which resulted in Curtis fighting Carlos and Kiera. While he successfully defeated both Carlos and Kiera, he made the mistake of trying to use Kiera's weapon to kill her, which sent a massive electric shock through the handle, killing him.



"Bitch cop wants to come with us." - Fast Times



Curtis Chen catching a knife just inches from his face.
Curtis Chen aiming a rifle.
Curtis Chen showing his distrust of Kellog.
Curtis Chen distrustfully watching Kellog as he leaves Travis.
Curtis Chen attacking Carlos.
Curtis Chen ready to fight Kiera.
Curtis Chen's final mistake.
Curtis Chen fighting off Corporate Security with Travis.
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