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Season 2, Episode 23 Aired: 2014-05-14

Arrow: Unthinkable Review

War of Heroes

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Arrow once again proves that it is the best comic book-based TV series on the air. Other shows try to create an epic hero fight, but none can compare to the epic events that took place in Unthinkable.

Most viewers will certainly be talking about the massive battle in the tunnel. Having Oliver and his army marching into battle was just as epic looking as that huge battle in the Avengers, only this was all realistic combat. There were no fancy gods, no advanced armour, or laser beams, it was all hand to hand combat and lots of archery. I can only imagine the amount of stunt professionals that were needed to pull this off.

Just imagine what new heroes are going to be fighting along side Oliver next year?

The huge fight in the tunnel may have been epic, but the simultaneous Oliver versus Slade fights still picked up the most memorable moment for me. It was just one of those perfect hero versus arch-nemesis battles that so many other movies and TV series strive for. The present day fight would have been great by itself, but by combining it with their original fight in the past made it even better.

I still can't believe that if Oliver hit Slade with both the arrow and the cure the first time, this huge event would never have happened and Oliver probably would never have become the hero he now is. It's feels odd to see a hero needing to take such a dark path to become so heroic. I guess this is what makes Arrow's origin story so different from most of the other hero origin stories.

Slade must be so proud. It isn't every day that the pupil bests their master.

Even with all this excitement, there still managed to be enough character building which will certainly develop into the next set of stories next season. The main one, of course, being Thea's future. I knew she was losing her mind with everything that was going on, but taking daddy's offer was the last thing I expected. It will really suck if Oliver's next adversary is his very own sister. I doubt she could become that much a villain that quickly, though. Who knows, maybe Malcolm will turn her into a hero to help her brother. Wouldn't that be a twist.

While many of the other characters don't seem to have any problem with killing others, Oliver has completely moved away from that behaviour. What a drastic shift from the end of the last season. It is a bit hard to imagine that someone could shift from killer to saviour in such a short time, but, yet, what he's been through and done is impressive. Now, all that he has left to do is to help rebuild the city, save his home, find Thea, and take back his company... Obviously those challenges will be non-combative, so I wonder how far he will get over the summer.

I can't believe the second season of Arrow is behind us already. This is definitely one of the few TV series that always seems to blow past my expectations. Amazing job! I can't wait until the fall.


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