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Streets of Fire

Season 2, Episode 22 Aired: 2014-05-07

Arrow: Streets of Fire Review

Burning a City From Both Ends

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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It was just one year ago that Malcolm Merlyn left Starling City in flame and ruin, and yet it is already happening again, but this time it isn't just confined to the Glades.

I'm really surprised that Sebastian Blood really thought that Slade was just going to do a little damage. Sure, he had a deal, but Slade also threatened his life several times, showing he didn't really care about his plans as long as it furthered his own. It is good to see that he realized his mistake at the end, but too bad it was a little too late. With the damage Slade's army is doing, there isn't going to be much of a city left to save.

I hightly doubt she would have been able to shoot that thing with zero training.

To make things worse, the last man who tried to reduce parts of the city to rubble is back, too. Or maybe his return will be a good thing. I know Oliver won't like it that he survived, but I'm sure he could use another archer to take down all the drug raging psychopaths. Although, he won't be of any help if he's dead.

Did Thea kill her dad? I doubt it. More likely that Mirakuru soldier got back up and she saved his life; I just can't see her becoming a murderer that quickly. But, who knows, maybe there's more of her father in her than we all thought.

At least we know that Sara is back, and heading toward being a hero, with a little help from her family. With her back in town, and the police department actually working with the vigilantes, plus a possible cure, they might actually have a fighting chance. Oh, and Sara's Arabic name, Ta-er al-Sahfer, isn't Canary, but it is close to "small bird". Throw it into google translate and hear for yourself.

So much for her being the furthest thing from a hero.

Although, none of this will mean anything if A.R.G.U.S. does the whole crater-creating move. What is it with secret groups always looking to blow up a city to save the world? Me thinks that organization might be on the Arrow's to-hit list once this is all over.

So what did you think of Streets of Fire? Do you think Thea hit her target, whoever that may be? Will Roy ever be the same?


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