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City of Blood

Season 2, Episode 21 Aired: 2014-04-30

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Here Comes The Pain

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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With the huge loss in the last episode, it was obvious Starling City was doomed. Well, with an army of super-steroid raging convicts storming the streets, it looks like doomsday has arrived.

It didn't start that way, though. Actually, the majority of the episode was slow while everyone picked up the pieces caused by Moira's sudden... departure.

While I understand the pain Oliver and Thea are going through, I find it hard to care about Thea's. She lost her mother, her job, her home, and her money, and most of those are all due to her own selfishness. I'm sure things wouldn't have gotten this bad if she just signed those documents. Who knows, maybe she'll be a recurring role in Flash as a random street urchin. Yeah, like Malcolm would ever allow that. She is much more likely to become her father's next protégé.

Or maybe she will be pounded to pieces by these guys and becomes another Tommy.

With the loss of the club, it's definitely time for Oliver and friends to find some new digs. Oh wait, apparently Oliver did have a second base planned out, and no, it isn't the Clock Tower / Watchtower (that's probably being saved for the Birds of Prey). Actually, we have no idea where this second base is. Since I doubt he would be dumb enough to have both of his bases in properties owned by his former company, nor under his own name, I wonder what random abandoned warehouse he decided to squat in? Once this war is over, they better transfer all their stuff over before the company starts showing off the bar to perspective buyers. If it's still standing, that is.

I may not have cared for much of Laurel's role in this season, but I think it is fitting that was she who convinced Oliver to keep playing hero. I guess Slade didn't think that telling her about Oliver's secret was actually going to come back to haunt him. Now I wonder if she will start training to be a bad-ass, or if she will just fill the role of a spy for now on.

I loved Felicity's method of intergating creeps, too. The physical method leaves too evidence behind, and runs the risk of death or brain damage. but tearing down his and his family's future with just a few buttons is nice and clean. Plus, if done right, it gives back to the community. What a bonus!

This guy will have plaques thanking him for his generiosity for years!

But where is Sara? She better come back soon, or she won't have much of a family left. Who knows, maybe she will arrive just in time to save her father from becoming a new flavour of pudding.

At this point, everyone is in trouble, which is basically the classic lead-up to an intense season finale. But next week isn't the season finale, which means the next two episodes should be insane! Bring on the war!


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