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The Man Under the Hood

Season 2, Episode 19 Aired: 2014-04-16

Arrow: The Man Under the Hood Review

Family Secrets

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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With Slade leaking so many of Oliver's secrets to his friends and family, and the trouble that Isabel is causing to his family, I expected more drama than action, especially after the last episode, but that certainly wasn't the case.

One amazing fight would have been fine, but the two major Slade fights and the attack on S.T.A.R. Labs actually made up for the lack of adrenaline in "Deathstroke". Everything is even set up for even more epic battles to come. Oliver and friends had better figure out how to make a cure quickly, because I doubt they would stand much of a chance against that many Mirakuru-infused goons. Not to mention that they know where they operate out of. Maybe thanks to Thea, they will have no choice but to move.

Most fans already agreed that Thea is just an annoying spoilt brat who just gets in the way constantly, but I think everyone who didn't agree will now. How can someone be so damned stupid? I mean, their family has been through so much, yet learning who is her father is enough for her to toss everything away? It would be one thing if she was still in her early teens, but a nineteen-year-old should handle this situation with a bit more maturity. To make matters worse, she is willing to let her family be financially destroyed just to spite them. I understand that she's upset at her family, but I would think she would want to hold onto the money she has, no? I hope she likes living on the streets.

I also don't understand why this is even happening, though. Anyone who helps run a company knows to never put all their money in one place, yet it sounds like that's exactly what the Queens did. Why not store a couple million in the bank where it would be more secure, have an on-site, and off-site vault to store valuable goods, or, maybe, invest in gold. With the wealth of the family, they should have easily been able to afford it and the interest on their savings would be more than enough for them to live off of.

Plus, I can only imagine how angry the Queen Consolidated investors are at this point. If she saturated the stocks, that means everyone just lost a lot of money. How did the board approve this the air-brain move? Oh, the annoying unrealistic things we viewers are forced to accept sometimes.

It's amazing on how far he's changed since the series premiere.

At least Laurel looked at her reveal with intelligence. Not only did she put the pieces together to confirm the story, but she was smart enough to talk to her dad before providing the information to the authorities to free him. She was even intelligent enough to figure out who the Canary is in the process. I bet she's glad she didn't unmask Oliver earlier in the season, now.

The most unexpected event was definitely Roy's predicament. In order for Slade to locate and capture him after he fled the city is just so unbelievable. Just how big is Slade's network? He seems to have eyes, ears and hands everywhere. Either he is part of an even larger villain network, or he has the ability to be in multiple places at once.

Yup, they would make fantastic friends for a superhero.

Who didn't love the introduction of Caitlin and Cisco, who will be a huge part of the new Flash spin-off (assuming the pilot is good enough for the CW)? They seem so different from the other characters introduced in Arrow – besides Felicity, anyway. They are so cheerful and innovative, it's almost hard to believe they live in the cursed Starling City. These two will easily make up for Felicity's lovable and wacky behaviour on the new series. I hope they will be enough so she doesn't leave Arrow next season; that would totally suck!

With only a few more episodes left, Arrow is certainly on a dark path to the finale. I just hope all the best characters get through this season alive, and we aren't forced to endure even more unrealistic events before we get there.


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