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Season 2, Episode 18 Aired: 2014-04-02

Arrow: Deathstroke Review

Own Worst Enemy

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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After the previous episode's jaw dropping ending, I knew that this was going to be one amazing action-packed episode... I guess I knew wrong.

Sure, there was action in the episode, but it was nowhere near the level I expected, especially after Oliver's speech before they headed out to find Slade. Seriously, all that talk about not holding back and the only action we see is Roy giving a single right-cross to Slade? What a horrible let down.

At least we got some normal Arrow action near the end, but even that was wasted on just a bunch of goons. What happened to the fantastic Oliver, Sara and Roy vs Slade battle that we were teased with? It was like Oliver couldn't do anything right this week. I understand the man was a bit emotional, but why didn't he do what he told Roy and use his rage?!

Just looking at Slade in his full outfit fills my imagination of awesome battles.

He even held back on that rage during the hostile takeover. I mean, this woman just stole the company that his family built from the ground up and he only got a little angry? I also don't understand is how his board of directors could be so evil and corrupt to oust a man who is fighting to get his captured sister back. If you ask me, a certain angry vigilante should pay them all a visit and drive an arrow through their chest, like he would have in the first season. (If you've read my Continuum reviews, you'd know why.) Sure, that would be him returning to his darker self again, but after everything he's been through, I'm sure most fans would approve.

I can't help feeling that Moira is responsible for Rochev's takeover, though. Once again, she knew more about Isabel than she told Oliver, specifically some information which would have made a massive difference in his choices with the company. What does Isabel have against the Queen family that she would do this to them, anyway? Or is it just that is doing it for Slade?

I'm also suspecting that Quentin's now former boss is working for Slade, too. Why else would he have made such a massive blunder with Slade, let a prison transport full of extremely dangerous inmates travel through his city without an escort, then arrest the only person willing to team up with someone who is fighting to free the city from the criminals? This is starting to sound an awful lot like how Ra's infiltrated Gotham in Batman Begins.

The secret Thea learnt was also not what I hoped for. The information she received about her real father was so full of lies and deceit that there was no reason that Oliver couldn't have talked his way out of it. After all, he just found out, too, not the years that she was told. Plus, there is always the truth of the man her father is that would have helped heal the wound. Sigh. Why couldn't it have been his bigger secret?

That, of course, went to Laurel, who will be undoubtedly torn thanks to what her dad needs to be freed from his charges. Most likely, Sara will give her another reveal before she makes a bigger mess of things, though. Who knows, maybe now she will start training with her sister.

So, yeah, this was definitely a disappointingly frustrating episode. Was it suspenseful? Definitely, but only because of giant flaws that seemed only to exist to keep the same story going for longer. It wasn't a bad episode, actually I kind of enjoyed it even with the flaws, but it certainly didn't live up to the hype.


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