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Birds of Prey

Season 2, Episode 17 Aired: 2014-03-26

Arrow: Birds of Prey Review

Embracing the Darkness Inside

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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It's been a while since the Huntress has left her mark on Arrow, but the wait is finally over. I may not have enjoyed most of her previous appearances, but Birds of Prey was a real treat!

Helena came across as a spoilt brat in the past episodes, but her year trekking across the world seems to have done wonders for her personality. Not only is she finally showing feelings, but she is also making intelligent choices, including bringing friends of her own. What a huge difference from that emotional wreck that we saw last year.

But could this be the point that Helena turns her life around and starts fighting the darkness within? She definitely appeared to be changed when she was talking to Ollie at the end. Who knows, maybe A.R.G.U.S. will recruit her into the Suicide Squad to fill the position left vacant by Shrapnel.

She already has the Suicide Squad attitude.

Laurel does seem to be heading down a darker path, too. Well, everyone is, but Laurel has always been the lighter one through season one, and even though she's had a rough year so far, it appears it's about to get much darker. What does this mean for her character? Likely, this is the start of the road that leads her to becoming the Black Canary, especially if something happens to her sister. I really don't want Sara to be killed off for Laurel to take her place, though.

I am surprised that Laurel couldn't recognize her sister when face-to-face with her. Although, the same could be said for Quentin and Oliver, but I would think sisters would be able to recognize one another, even with a tiny mask on. Actually, that's true for almost every superhero...

While the darkness inside everyone will be the grand theme for the rest of the season, the conversation at the end seemed to hint at something coming very soon. Because of that whole never keeping secrets moment between Thea and Oliver, I have a feeling that next week's epic Deathstroke episode will include the moment she learns the truth about her brother, and possibly even Roy. Will she understand, or push them away in frustration? Since I'm still hoping that she will eventually become Speedy, I think she will be upset for a bit, but will eventually understand why they are keeping secrets.

Sadly, I can see this pushing Roy down a darker path in the process. He will definitely lash out at Oliver for pushing him to break up with Thea, which will make him the main target of his frustration. Worse yet, if Thea does die, we might have yet another Slade going on a rampage. That would probably be one of the worst possible scenarios.

But with Thea captured, could this also mark the re-entrance of her father? I would so love a Slade vs. Malcolm vs. Oliver battle. Maybe we will get one for the season finale. Heck, throw Ra's in there, too, just for an even more epic battle!


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