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Time of Death

Season 2, Episode 14 Aired: 2014-02-26

Arrow: Time of Death Review

Timing it Right

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Who can best the Clock King? A masked hero? No way, their timing is all wrong. To beat a master of timing, you need someone better. You know, someone irreplaceable.

This definitely wasn't your standard Arrow episode. Instead of a strong and violent villain, Tockman, aka the Clock King, was a villain of brains controlling brawn. The perfect villain to match wits with the under-appreciated Felicity. Of course, this means she had a very bad day. Okay, maybe a few days.

I am surprised that she forgot her nemesis was wielding a computer-science equivalent of a nuke when making her bazooka, computer-science wise, proof network. Why didn't anyone think of the powerful device he had in his possession? Oh well. I can't wait to see how powerful her security is going to be after this.

And she really needs to keep the jacket.

Although, I think this would be a great time to make the move to the clock tower. With all the computers fried, it wouldn't be too difficult to make the move to some new digs. Plus, this way they will have windows and multiple escape routes. Something tells me their current base is a deathtrap if a certain one-eyed psychopath pays them a visit.

The big deal wasn't the main villain, though; that goes to the cliffhanger. I always wondered how long it would take for the old friends to cross paths again, but I can't imagine a more awesome way for them to meet. Something tells me that after this Oliver is going to be keeping some weapons stashed around the house. It did remind me a bit like Ra's second introduction in Batman Begins, though.

With so many heroes all working together in Starling City, and with Felicity's newly recovered confidence, I think it's quite obvious a huge battle royale is around the corner. I can't wait!


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