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Quotes from Arrow

Season 1

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Season 1 Episode 1: "Pilot"

Oliver Queen: To live, I had to make myself more than what I was, to forge myself into a weapon.

Oliver Queen: I am returning, not the boy who was shipwrecked, but the man who will bring justice to those who have poisoned my city.

Dr. Lamb: Moira, I'd like you to prepare yourself, the Oliver you lost may not be the one they found.

Thea Queen: I knew it, I knew you were alive.

Laurel Lance: If we can win a class-action suit against a man who swindled hundred of people out of their homes and life savings, then we're not fit to call ourselves a legal aid office.

Laurel Lance: You and I against an army, I love those odds.
Joanna De La Vega: Why do you hate me?

Oliver Queen: After 5 years, everything that was once familiar is now unrecognizable. The face I see in the mirror is a stranger.

Robert Queen: You know, son, that is not going to finish well, for either of them or for you.

Tommy Merlyn: What'd I tell you? Yachts suck.

Tommy Merlyn: Dude, you speak Russian?

Sara Lance: What would you know about science Mr. Ivy league dropout?

Tommy Merlyn: A rock, that is sweet! You know, I want one of those t-shirts that says "my friend was a castaway, and all I got was this crappy shirt".

Tommy Merlyn: Have you noticed how hot your sister's gotten? Because I have not.

Tommy Merlyn: You came back from the dead! This calls for a party.

Tommy Merlyn: Everyone is happy you're alive, you want to see the one person who isn't?

Laurel Lance: We don't need to go outside the law...
Joanna De La Vega: ... to find justice. Your dad's favourite jingle.

Laurel Lance: I'd hoped that you'd rot in hell a whole lot longer than 5 years.

Robert Queen: I'm not the man you think I am. I didn't build our city, I failed it.

Oliver Queen: He told me I'm gonna kill you.

Oliver Queen: Nobody can know my secret.

Quentin Lance: Who is he? Why would he do that?
Oliver Queen: I don't know. Find him and you can ask.

Quentin Lance: Your luck never seems to run out, does it?

Raisa: You're still a good boy.
Oliver Queen: Oh, but I think we both know I wasn't.
Raisa: But a good heart.

Oliver Queen: I want to be the person you always told me I could be.

Oliver Queen: You're ex-military?
John Diggle: Yes, sir. 105th airborne out of Kandahar, retired.

Adam Hunt: You remind Grell I put him on the bench, I can take him off.

Tommy Merlyn: Hey, does he wipe for you, too?

Oliver Queen: What's Twilight?
Tommy Merlyn: You're so better off not knowing.

Thea Queen: Away? No, you died.

John Diggle: I would believe you Mr. Queen, if you weren't so full of crap.

Quentin Lance: Oh, Mr Merlyn, Imagine my shock at finding you here. Did you roofie anyone special tonight?

Oliver Queen: Hey, Everybody. Two million dollars to anybody that can find a nut bar in a green hood!

Tommy Merlyn: What happened to you on that island?
Oliver Queen: A lot.

Adam Hunt: Forty million dollars doesn't just up and vanish!

Robert Queen: You can survive this, make it home, make it better, right my wrongs, but you've got to live through this first.

Laurel Lance: If hypothetically fifty thousand dollars magically appeared in your bank account, it might be best for you not to speak about it. To anyone... ever.

Joanna De La Vega: It looks like Starling City has a guardian angel.

Laurel Lance: Oh, come on Merlyn, we both know that you're not a one-girl type of guy.

Tommy Merlyn: Dinah Laurel Lance, always trying to save the world.
Laurel Lance: Hey, if I don't try and save it, who will?

Oliver Queen: There are many more names on the list; those who rule my city through intimidation and fear. Every last one of them will wish I had died on that island

Season 1 Episode 2: "Honor Thy Father"

Oliver Queen: This guy gets more air-time than the Kardashians, right?
Thea Queen: Five years on an island and you still know who they are.
Oliver Queen: I've been catching up. It's nice to see how much our culture has "improved" while I was away.

Oliver Queen: It's fine, Walter, I've been in a courtroom before.
Tommy Merlyn: Four times by my estimate. You know, there was the DUI, the assault on that paparazzi douche bag, stealing that taxi, which was just awesome by the way, and who could forget peeing on the cop?
Moira Queen: I wish everyone would.

Attorney: The Queen family is only entitled to one miracle, I'm afraid.

John Diggle: Hey man, I'll make you swallow that Nikon. Back!

Tommy Merlyn: This happens to you a lot, doesn't it?

Oliver Queen: Martin Summers, you've failed this city.

Oliver Queen: I promise to introduce her if it ever gets to the exchange of first names stage.

John Diggle: I served three tours in Afghanistan, Mr. Queen, you don't even come close to my definition of grief.

Thea Queen: Dead people don't want anything, that's one of the benefits of being dead.

Quentin Lance: You see, there's this vigilante running around, he thinks he's some kind of Robin Hood; he's robbing the rich, he's trying to teach them a lesson, I guess. I don't know, but the point is, the man's a killer, and nothing, and no one, is going to stop me from bringing him down.

Martin Summers: You and your daughter don't want to find out what I'm capable of when I get emotional.

Oliver Queen: Mom, it makes me nervous when you ask me to sit down.

Oliver Queen: Which part, though? Everyone fantasizing that I got my MBA while I was on the island, or the fact that my father's CFO now sleeps down the hall from me?

John Diggle: Home is a battlefield. Back home, they're all trying to get you. Get you to open up, be somebody you're not sure you are anymore.

Emily Nocenti: They are going to have to kill me if they want me to give this up.

Laurel Lance: I'm a lawyer, I live to argue.
Quentin Lance: I'm your father, I live to keep you safe.

China White: Anything for a friend.

Thea Queen: And the truth is, I felt closer to you when you were dead.

Oliver Queen: This place hasn't changed in five years.

Oliver Queen: I'm a jerk. Before the island, I was a jerk, and now I'm just a... I'm a damaged jerk.

Laurel Lance: I can't exactly picture you as the master of the universe.

John Diggle: This is why it's a good idea to have a bodyguard.

Quentin Lance: Feel free to run as many red lights in the city as you want.

John Diggle: That was a kitchen knife. It wasn't even weighted properly, yet you threw it with accuracy across a 10-foot room.

John Diggle: I'm not the kind of man you want to take for a fool, Mr. Queen, you understand me?

John Diggle: I think I'm just beginning to understand the kind of man you are.
Oliver Queen: Shouldn't take you very long; I'm shallow.

Quentin Lance: Well, that's dirty; using me against me.

Quentin Lance: You twitch and you're dead.

Oliver Queen: I didn't know how painful it would be to keep my secrets.

Oliver Queen: Sometimes, to honour your wishes I need to dishonour your memory.

Season 1 Episode 3: "Lone Gunman"

Oliver Queen: There have been many fires, and too many funerals.

Oliver Queen: What happened? Thea okay?

John Diggle: He and some of her friends broke into a store, tried on some dresses last night, lit up the breathalyzer like a Christmas Tree.

Moira Queen: My, how we are moving up in the criminal world.

Thea Queen: You look like crap.

Oliver Queen: When I was her age, you and dad let me get away with murder. Looking back, I could have used less space, and more parenting.

Oliver Queen: Interpol even has a codename for him... Deadshot.

Tommy Merlyn: For the private one-on-one meetings, I would imagine.
Oliver Queen: Hopefully the occasional two-on-one meeting.

Oliver Queen: People would stand in line for 3 hours if I opened a club.

Joanna De La Vega: It is adorable that you actually think I'm giving you a choice.

Thea Queen: It's Oliver, isn't it? His judgemental hypocrisy is rubbing off on you.

Quentin Lance: Okay, so now we switch from arrows to sniper bullets and poison. I'm not buying it.

Walter Steele: If I was taking out the competition, I'd have a lot of killing to do in a very short amount of time.

Tommy Merlyn: Oh, my, this is going to be killer.
Oliver Queen: If Max Fuller sees me here, I agree.

Oliver Queen: I've never seen this guy before in my life, ever.

Tommy Merlyn: Doesn't you going our and having fun violate some kind of law, you know, like the ones that are carved on a stone tablet?

Thea Queen: You're not my father, and you're barely my brother.

Tommy Merlyn: You want to get to him? You've got to go through me. Wow, they are probably going to go through me.

Laurel Lance: So is this over, Max, or are you gonna have your boys pound on me next?

Laurel Lance: Oliver, Tommy and I don't need your blessing, and I don't need your forgiveness.

Tommy Merlyn: Oooh, the girl's pretty cute.
John Diggle: That's my sister-in-law.
Tommy Merlyn: Who I will never speak to... or look at... ever.

Carly Diggle: So sweet of you to adopt two white boys.

Oliver Queen: What, there's no greeting card for that?

Oliver Queen: It's a Russian model calling me. Can we... can I have a minute, please?

Oliver Queen: I was at my coffee shot surfing the web and I spilt a latte on it.
Felicity Smoak: Really?
Oliver Queen: Yeah.
Felicity Smoak: 'Cause these look like bullet holes.
Oliver Queen: My coffee shop is in a bad neighbourhood.

Thea Queen: I think I'd rather be grounded.

Thea Queen: That's the first time you've talked about him in years.

Oliver Queen: I didn't study Shakespeare at any of the four schools I dropped out of.

Tommy Merlyn: You said you didn't think that I was a one girl type of guy. I'm gonna prove you wrong.

Season 1 Episode 4: "An Innocent Man"

John Diggle: You really did lose your mind on that island.

Oliver Queen: Starling City is dying. It is being poisoned by a criminal elite who don't care who they hurt, as long as they maintain their wealth and power.

Oliver Queen: I want you to join me.

John Diggle: You're not a soldier, you're a criminal, and a murderer.

Laurel Lance: Oliver, are you so self-centered that you don't think that people who care about you are going to wonder where you are after you all got shot at?

Laurel Lance: I care about the lives of other people, Oliver, maybe you should try it sometime.

Oliver Queen: Second time tonight that a friend of mine has taken me to the woodshed, kind of tires you out.

Oliver Queen: I'm sorry Laurel, I'm so sorry.

Thea Queen: What are they? Besides you sleeping with her sister, and her sister dying, and her father hating your guts, and you basically being a jerk to everybody since you've been back.

Jason Brodeur: "Husband Kills Wife" is a much better headline that "Whistle-Blower Uncovers Toxic Dumping", don't you think?

Joanna De La Vega: You know, if you go somewhere that's not work or your home, your odds of meeting someone increase by, like, a gazillion percent.
Laurel Lance: Oh, that's not true, I could still get mugged on the way home.
Joanna De La Vega: In that case, I hope he's cute and single.

Moira Queen: Well, it looks like someone forgot a lunch date with his wife.
Walter Steele: What do you mean? Lunch isn't for another... 45 minutes ago. I'm so sorry.

Quentin Lance: You know, I thought it would a cold day in hell before you started defending criminals.

Carly Diggle: I know who you are.
John Diggle: No, you really don't.

John Diggle: Please, you were born with a platinum spoon in your mouth, Queen. What, you spend five years on an island with no room service and suddenly you found religion?

Oliver Queen: Do you remember when the people in this city helped each other? They can't do that anymore, because a group of people, people like my father, they see nothing wrong with raising themselves up by stepping on other people's throats.

John Diggle: Oh, that boy's long gone, man.

Laurel Lance: The guardian angel.
Joanna De La Vega: The guy in the hood?

Oliver Queen: He hasn't been questioned by me.
Laurel Lance: I didn't become a lawyer to break the law or hurt anybody.

Felicity Smoak: I've got one question, why am I being fired?

Laurel Lance: I always thought the law was sacred, it fixed everything.

Thea Queen: Oh my god, what is wrong with your face?
Oliver Queen: What do you mean?
Thea Queen: There's something really weird on it, like this thing with your mouth, it... it looks like it's in the shape of a smile.

Thea Queen: God mad relationship skills, bro. Let me know if you need trendy places to propose.

Oliver Queen: Rob, you gotta keep up.

Quentin Lance: You're breaking the law.
Laurel Lance: Well, I wouldn't have to if the police would have done their job right in the first place.

Laurel Lance: This isn't over. I've got the loose end now, and no matter what happens, I'm going to pull on it until your whole world unravels.

John Diggle: I miss feeling like I'm making a difference in the world.

Carly Diggle: John, if you believe in something, how can it be wrong?

Laurel Lance: He's a killer.

Kelton: What did you want me to look for, a man in a wig and a tutu?

Malcolm Merlyn: He's targeting the list.

Oliver Queen: You here for the body guard position, 'case the new guy just quit.

Oliver Queen: Diggle, I'm not looking for anybody to save me.
John Diggle: Maybe not, but you need someone just the same.

Season 1 Episode 5: "Damaged"

Oliver Queen: Why don't you let me shoot that thing and you can go pick up the bloody, dead, disgusting animal?

Yao Fei: Breathe, aim, fire.

Yao Fei: You will die badly.

Quentin Lance: Have you been arrested before? That's okay, I know the answer to that one; plenty of times.

Quentin Lance: You're a dangerous menace who doesn't care about who he hurts, except now you're doing it with bows and arrows instead of trust funds and yachts.

Walter Steele: Detective Lance appears to be on some personal vendetta.

Oliver Queen: I want Laurel.

Moira Queen: Your idealism, I think, is why my son, for all his mistakes, is so smitten with you.

Oliver Queen: I knew you couldn't resist saving my ass.
Laurel Lance: You're going to make me regret this, aren't you?

Parole Officer: Step on the grass they're sending a SWAT team to forcibly subdue you

Oliver Queen: And this party is going to be themed. I'm thinking... prison, uh, "Burning Man" meets "Shawshank Redemption", the invites says "come before Oliver Queen gets off".

Laurel Lance: Oliver didn't kill Sara.

Oliver Queen: I returned to Starling City and a few days later the vigilante appears; sooner or later, somebody was going to make the connection.

Oliver Queen: The mission comes first.

Oliver Queen: Well, you know us billionaire vigilantes... we do love our toys.

John Diggle: Oh, that's sweet.

Josiah Hudson: What's going on, sir?
Walter Steele: That's very much what I'm trying to determine.

Oliver Queen: No, thank you. I'm not crazy.
Quentin Lance: Finally, something we agree on. He's not a nut, he's a killing machine.

Laurel Lance: You have a family, friends, people who actually care about you. So don't for one second, think you're the only person with something to lose here.

Oliver Queen: My family has money, they have lots of money. You would be... you'd be really well compensated for my rescue.

Edward Fyers: Think on that when you're begging for death.

Oliver Queen: Now I'm sort of happy I didn't buy you that shot glass with the panda on it, 'cause then you'd be worried I was panda man.

Oliver Queen: I killed your daughter.

Quentin Lance: I know a guilty man when I see one. He is guilty, whether you can see it or not.

Oliver Queen: Let's wake those losers up!

John Diggle: If you think this is what prison's like, you are in for a rude awakening.

Oliver Queen: Why don't you hate me? You should.

Oliver Queen: There were times when I wanted to die. In the end, there was something I wanted more.

Moira Queen: I'm not accustomed to being summoned to the office in the middle of the night.

John Diggle: Man in the hood, one, gangbangers, zero.

Moira Queen: I'm truly sorry for what's happened to your family, Quentin, but you would kindly get the hell out of my house?

Malcolm Merlyn: Well, accidents tend to befall people who are too curious.

Moira Queen: I've been the good soldier, I've done everything you asked, but if any member of my family so much as gets a paper cut, I will burn your entire world to ashes.

Oliver Queen: Do you want to know why I don't talk about what happened to me there? Because, if people knew, if you knew, you'd see me differently. And not as some vigilante guy, as damaged.

Oliver Queen: Not being able to tell the family the truth, it doesn't hurt anyone worse than it hurts me.

Season 1 Episode 6: "Legacies"

Derek Reston: You shot a cop, this is not how we do things.
Kyle Reston: Me getting killed isn't how we do things either, is it?

Oliver Queen: I think you have the wrong impression of about what it is I do.

Oliver Queen: I don't fight street crime. That's a symptom of what's wrong with this city, I'm trying to cure the disease.

John Diggle: Maybe you can make a difference if you think beyond the scope of those pages.

John Diggle: There is more than one way to save the city.

John Diggle: It sounds like you have a narrow definition of being a hero.
Oliver Queen: I'm not a hero.

Laurel Lance: Please tell me that this is a nightmare and I'm about to wake up.

Tommy Merlyn: I have fiesta time... or is it siesta time? Which one means a party and which one means a nap?

Oliver Queen: Ah, Carter Bowen, the perfect son.

Thea Queen: Now how did he manage to study and cure cancer?

Thea Queen: Inches from a clean getaway.
Moira Queen: Well, you too, Thea.
Oliver Queen: Snap!

Tommy Merlyn: I just picked up a new sports car, and I'm thinking we can open her up, pick up a few speeding tickets...

Thea Queen: He moves fast, doesn't he?
Tommy Merlyn: It's ironic, really, since you're the one we call Speedy.

Thea Queen: Have you tried using your usual lines? "Hi, my name is Tommy Merlyn and I'm a billionaire, but I don't look like Warren Buffet."

Oliver Queen: Scott Morgan doesn't seem like the type who would try to kill himself.
John Diggle: True, but it's the best lie I could come up with on short notice.

John Diggle: You asked me to work with you, not for you.

John Diggle: Please tell me you're not goin' where I think you're goin'.

Laurel Lance: He's not interested in throwing us a fundraiser, what he wants to have is the first annual attempt to get back into my pants gala.

Carter Bowen: ...And the next there's an agent trying to make me the next Dr. Oz.
Oliver Queen: Why would he want you to be a wizard?

Felicity Smoak: I should add "Personal Internet Researcher for Oliver Queen" to my job title.

Felicity Smoak: I guess you didn't have Facebook on that island.
John Diggle: Nope, not even a MySpace account. It was a very dark time.

Oliver Queen: This is happening because of my father, because of my family.

Tommy Meryln: Are you sure about that? Because Bugs Bunny hasn't RSVP'd yet.

Derek Reston: The prodigal son returns.

Oliver Queen: You and I have one thing in common, we're both dealing with the consequences of my father' actions. We he did then, that's on him. What we do now, that's on us.

Laurel Lance: Lovely? Well, it's nice that you've extended your vocabulary from words like hot and mega hot.

Moira Queen: Honestly, Oliver, there are times when I wonder why you bother coming home at all.

Tommy Merlyn: Did you know, that as a doctor, I was able to diagnose myself as a giant tool?

Laurel Lance: Tommy, I'm going to let you know on a little-known secret about Dr. Carter Bowen. The man is a gigantic ass.

Tommy Merlyn: I guess when it comes to you, I tend not to think straight.

Season 1 Episode 7: "Muse of Fire"

Oliver Queen: You know, Thea, sometimes it's difficult to remember which one of you is my mother.

Thea Queen: Maybe you should spend a little less time trying to be a hero; you're obviously not very good at it.

Tommy Merlyn: Technically I did get here like 10 seconds before this guy.

Laurel Lance: You brought me dinner to ask me to dinner?

John Diggle: Oliver, your mom was nearly killed, I think you can take a day off from training.

Oliver Queen: Oh, and Tommy, if you hurt her, I'll snap your neck. Nah, I'm just kidding.

Oliver Queen: My father used to say that living rooms make the best conference rooms.
Frank Bertinelli: Oh, I'm gonna steal that.

Moira Queen: I just think we need to stop judging him for the Oliver he was and start accepting him for the Oliver that he is.

Helena Bertinelli: No matter which way you go or turn, you always end up at home.

Helena Bertinelli: Oliver Queen, the rich man's Lindsay Lohan.

Helena Bertinelli: So you pimp out your daughter?

Frank Bertinelli: No one ever credited the Triad with rational thinking.

Quentin Lance: Or this is gonna blow up into an all-out mob war.

Tommy Merlyn: I'm just crying because I was thinking of a Hallmark commercial I saw earlier today featuring a sick kitty.

Tommy Merlyn: I wish we had just met, and that all this was just beginning, and there wasn't so much of me I wish you'd forget.

Oliver Queen: It's really nice to be with someone that I can be myself with.
Helena Bertinelli: It's nice to be with someone who knows how hard it can be.

Oliver Queen: I have a confession; I didn't want to go out with you tonight.
Helena Bertinelli: That makes two of us.
Oliver Queen: I'm really glad that I did.
Helena Bertinelli: That makes two of us.

Malcolm Merlyn: You're a vital part of Starling City's future.

John Diggle: Oliver, you're supposed to be going undercover, not speed dating.

John Diggle: And here I thought you had parental issues.

Oliver Queen: I know what I'm doing.
John Diggle: Now I know how your family feels when you lie to them.

Quentin Lance: Your date, Helena Bertinelli, if I were you, I'd stay away from her. Her family is bad news on a good day.

Tommy Merlyn: Do you think this is a joke?
Malcolm Merlyn: No, you are.

Helena Bertinelli: If it can't be love that you feel, then... then it becomes hate.

Nick Salvati: I've been wanting to do that for years, spoiled bitch.

Nick Salvati: This isn't about money, Richie Rich, this is about loyalty.

Helena Bertinelli: My father is a monster. He doesn't care who he hurts to keep his money and power, and I wanted it to stop.

Nick Salvati: You're gonna burn in hell for what you've done.

Helena Bertinelli: I didn't have a choice, Oliver. No one can know my secret.

Quentin Lance: We better pray that Frank Bertinelli blames the Hood for this, 'cause if he thinks it's the Triad, Starling City is ground zero to World War III.

Tommy Merlyn: My car got repossessed, that was fun.

Thea Queen: Look, I'm sorry I was a bitch with you earlier.
Oliver Queen: There were a few times, could you be more specific?

Helena Bertinelli: Sometimes, revenge is justice.

Season 1 Episode 8: "Vendetta"

Oliver Queen: She's tougher than she looks.

Oliver Queen: How many more accidents have to happen before you're done getting back at your father?

John Diggle: I don't know where the next Olympics are at, but you might want to think about signing yourself up.

John Diggle: Some people don't change.

Walter Steele: The trouble with travelling overseas for a few weeks is that a few weeks' worth of work is piling up on my desk. I just want to start digging my way out from underneath it.

Thea Queen: Or, you know, you could just buy me a convertible and then we could avoid this.
Walter Steele: What, and miss out on all those wonderful conversations we have in the car? I don't think so.

Helena Bertinelli: I'm sorry for your loss, Nick was like a brother to me.

Frank Bertinelli: This is one merger I won't stand in the way of.

Oliver Queen: Back then I did not do serious well, but I was excellent at screwing things up.

Oliver Queen: I would never hurt you, I promise.

Oliver Queen: I could do this all day, it's kind of fun.

John Diggle: She knows my name, that's lovely.

John Diggle: You're like a dope fiend who thinks he can deal with his own addiction by making another addict go straight.

John Diggle: Getting confused about who's good and who's bad is a good way to get yourself dead.

Felicity Smoak: I have this thing about kangaroos. More of a phobia; they wig me out. They look evil, and I'm sure their picture's up on like everything everywhere in that country.

Helena Bertinelli: Does it come in purple?

Helena Bertinelli: I think this feels good.

Moira Queen: I don't know much about art, but I do know how to pay for it.

Laurel Lance: I'm sure I'm hungry.

Oliver Queen: I had forgotten that you filled your parents' pool with beer. How many cases did that take?
Tommy Merlyn: Roughly a thousand or so.

Tommy Merlyn: Yeah, we're just prime for a reality show, aren't we?

Tommy Merlyn: I do not want to be Oliver's charity case, okay?

Helena Bertinelli: That kind of love doesn't die.

Zhishan: When you seek vengeance, dig two graves; one for your enemy and one for yourself.

Helena Bertinelli: I don't speak Chinese, so I'm just going to assume you said goodbye.

Felicity Smoak: Did I mention, it's almost Christmas and many of the suicides this time of year are due to sudden and unexpected joblessness?

Felicity Smoak: I hate mysteries; they bug me. They need to be solved.

Frank Bertinelli: What is this?
Helena Bertinelli: Payback for Michael.

Oliver Queen: I didn't save him, I saved you.

John Diggle: Chili cheese fires with jalapeños, hmm... that's a cry for help if I've ever seen one.

Oliver Queen: I don't know what hurts worse, this or getting shot with a curare-laced bullet.
John Diggle: Been there, done that. Definitely the bullet.

Oliver Queen: I think I burnt that particular bridge. Napalmed it, actually.

Felicity Smoak: If I had more time to think of that sentence, it wouldn't have sounded so dirty.

Tommy Merlyn: Embarrassment, shame, jealousy, probably a few other emotions I'm not used to feeling.

Oliver Queen: Tommy, my trust fund is your trust fund.

Tommy Merlyn: Will I be getting dental? This smile wasn't cheap.

Season 1 Episode 9: "Year's End"

Adam Hunt: What? Did you come back for another pound of flesh? You're gonna be disappointed, pal.

John Diggle: Besides, I hear Saint Nick has a list of his own. I wager you're in the "nice" column.

Thea Queen: Mom and Walter are having a dinner party with some big muckety-mucks.

Brian Nudocerdo: The think that people forget is that Robin Hood was a criminal.

Oliver Queen: I think the vigilante needs a better code name than "The Hood" or "The Hood Guy".
Malcolm: I agree. How about Green Arrow?
Oliver Queen: Lame.

Quentin Lance: We're dealing with a copycat.

John Diggle: So what are you gonna do?
Oliver Queen: What anyone does when they need help; call a cop.

Oliver Queen: I can do things the police can't, go places they won't.

Thea Queen: I think there should be a national holiday for the guy who invented french fries.

Oliver Queen: How do you know that Shane guy?
Thea Queen: We rob banks and smoke crack together.

Oliver Queen: I know that I haven't been the son, or the stepson, or the brother that all of you deserve, especially lately, but this feels like the right moment to start making up for lost time.

John Diggle: So is this guy trying to frame you or call you out?

Oliver Queen: Felicity, you're remarkable.

Tommy Merlyn: How are you?
Quentin Lance: Proficient with firearms.

John Diggle: Maybe now is not the best time for you to be Martha Stewart's elf.

Moira Queen: You lied to me.
Walter Steele: An odd accusation coming from you.

Walter Steele: Do you take me for a man who wouldn't avenge his best friend's murder?

Moira Queen: I can't fight them, I am them.

Tommy Merlyn: I'll go grab us a couple drinks, and drink them both.

Oliver Queen: Hit the road.

Thea Queen: No matter how fancy the party is you throw, things will never be the way they used to be in our family, ever again.

Oliver Queen: Diggle, there wasn't anything on the island that wasn't twice as dangerous as this pretender, and I survived there for five years.

Edward Fyers: Do you not think it convenient you captured me so easily?

Dark Archer: Thank you for coming.

Dark Archer: I know about the list, and the man who authored it wants you dead.

John Diggle: I told them how you were on a bike and a semi pulled right in front of you.

Thea Queen: Okay, but when I was saying that, that was me being a bitch.

Thea Queen: I'm not the same person who I was five years ago, either.
Oliver Queen: So maybe we can just accept each other, not for who we were, but for the... for the people we are now.

Malcolm Merlyn: It's done.

Malcolm Merlyn: In six months, the organization's vision of what this city should be will be complete.

Oliver Queen: You know, Dig, when I confront somebody on the list, I tell them that they failed the city, but tonight, it was me who failed.

Season 1 Episode 10: "Burned"

Oliver Queen: Either my stepfather doesn't want to be found or someone doesn't want him to be found.

Oliver Queen: With Walter missing, my family needs me right now.

Oliver Queen: Cut me some slack. I've been gone for a while and apparently I missed the cinematic genius that is Zac Galafinak...is?

Thea Queen: Maybe Walter wasn't abducted. Maybe he's having some mid-life crisis and he's with some stewardess in Bora Bora, and he's too ashamed to cal home and say that he's okay.

Oliver Queen: You need to rotate your hips, Diggle. That's where the power comes from, it's not just your arms, even if they're the size of bowling balls.

John Diggle: Well, isn't the whole idea of being a vigilante is that you do the police's job?

Oliver Queen: Who are you? Where's my friend Tommy Merlyn? The guy who once rented out a pro football stadium so that he could play strip kickball with models.
Tommy Merlyn: That guy needed a swift kick in his lazy ass.

Laurel Lance: I am not exactly the best example for healthy grieving.

Ned Foster: I don't mean to be indelicate, but this is the second time in five years that the CEO of Queen Consolidated has vanished under mysterious circumstances.

Oliver Queen: I can't right every wrong in this city.

Oliver Queen: What did that prove?
John Diggle: That this is one sturdy desk.

John Diggle: Until you're ready to take a hold of the fear that's in you, you might as well let that archer kill you.

Laurel Lance: I don't take things slow, remember? I close my eyes and I jump, just like you.

Laurel Lance: Our feelings, our fears, they control us, it's not the other way around.

Oliver Queen: I was wi-fi free for a few years.

Thea Queen: Maybe you should start acting like my mother so I don't have to act like yours.

John Diggle: I know what it's like to stare death in the face and... be the one who blinks.

Tommy Merlyn: You know, ironically, if we get any more people in here we're going to violate the fire code.

Chief Raynes: It was like some monster out of a science fiction movie.

Oliver Queen: You'd be surprised the power revenge can give you.

Oliver Queen: You're afraid to live.

Thea Queen: What's got you all smiley? Your new club's a briquette.
Oliver Queen: It was under construction before, now it's just more under construction.

Thea Queen: Just feeling the whiplash.

Joanna De La Vega: I don't care what anyone has to say, he really is a guardian angel.

Quentin Lance: I may not like the guy's methods, but who ever this guy is, he's got a habit of putting himself between danger and you, and that's not something I can argue with.

Quentin Lance: Talk to me like I'm a third grader, please.

Kelton: I know you swore to bring this guy down, Detective, but using your own daughter as bait... that's stone cold.

Oliver Queen: We go hunting.

Season 1 Episode 11: "Trust but Verify"

Thea Queen: Tahitian green or midnight black, what do you think?
Oliver Queen: I think that you've been dropping hints all week, Thea, and mom still isn't buying you a car for your birthday.

Thea Queen: Oliver got a car when he turned eighteen.
Oliver Queen: Yeah, but I could back it out of the driveway without hitting a tree.
Tommy Merlyn: Oh, that's true, but I do remember you taking the paint off the side of your dad's Maserati.

Tommy Merlyn: That's why you keep all your money off-shore.

John Diggle: With all the guys working up top, you might want to think about a side entrance for your, uh, Arrowcave.

Tommy Merlyn: Since you cut me off and told me that I was a loser?

Malcolm Merlyn: Tommy, I've said some pretty hurtful things, and I regret them, but you're still my son.

John Diggle: Put the bow down!

Oliver Queen: I didn't say I found it on the island.

Oliver Queen: Do you really think that I would do all of this if I wasn't sure?

Tommy Meryln: Apparently he wants to mend some fences, but thanks to him I can't afford a fence, so I can only assume he's got some other agenda.

Moira: What's that saying, "trust but verify"?

Ted Gaynor: Two days later, I'm still digger regurgitated tacos out of the car vents, and he asks me why I won't turn on the A/C.

Ted Gaynor: Six years serving my country, the only thing I'm qualified for is babysitting spoiled brats.

Ted Gaynor: People change, John, and everyone deserves a chance to prove it.

Thea Queen: She's a liar, and a cheater, and you really don't know her at all.

Moira: I'm sorry Oliver, but your father wasn't always the man you thought he was.

Malcolm Merlyn: At Christmas on year, Tommy wanted a puppy. He wanted to name it Arthur, as in King Arthur, because he's a Merlyn.
Laurel Lance: Well, you used to be so incredibly adorable.
Tommy Merlyn: I still am.

Oliver Queen: The idle rich are hard to entertain.

Tommy Merlyn: You haven't changed, and you never will.

Ted Gaynor: If I hadn't gotten Knox this job, chances are he'd be out knocking over liquor stores or robbin' banks.

Oliver Queen: If dad were here he'd say you look beautiful.

Oliver Queen: Hey, head on a swivel.
John Diggle: That's the way I was born, man.

Thea Queen: I wish it had been you that was on that boat.

Ted Gaynor: My men, my mission.

John Diggle: So that gives you the right to steal? To kill innocent civilians?

John Diggle: You're forgetting one thing, guys.
Ted Gaynor: Oh, yeah, what's that?
John Diggle: I'm the one with the grenade launcher.

Laurel Lance: You're father's a jerk, but he's still your father.

Edward Fyers: In a man's eyes, one can always find the truth.

Season 1 Episode 12: "Vertigo"

Dealer: Oh, come on, man! I'm just trying to make an honest living!

Oliver Queen: Whoever you fear, fear me more.

John Diggle: The Count? That's worse than the Hood.

Oliver Queen: Whoever this Count is, he has a lot of blood on his hands and it is long past time he started paying.

Oliver Queen: Judges don't appreciate the value in being fashionably late.
Thea Queen: Got any other tips?
Oliver Queen: Let the lawyer do all the talking. They'll give you a pad and paper but do not play Tic Tac Toe; judges don't appreciate that, either.

Judge Brackett: Ms. Queen, like it or not, you are now the poster child for this menace.

Oliver Queen: I came back for you!

Oliver Queen: Here I was expecting a middle aged guy in a bad suit...

McKenna Hall: Okay, in my defence, there was no sign that specifically said you had to keep your clothes on.

McKenna Hall: I always loved how much you cared about your sister, but leave the policing to the police, okay?

The Count: Examples must be made.

The Count: Vertigo, in its purest form, when injected directly into the bloodstream, it affects the thalamus region of your brain, which is where all the information from your pain receptors is collected.

The Count: Now, you can use that bullet to shoot me and take your revenge, or... you could shoot yourself. It's your choice.

Tommy Merlyn: I'm learning you're not much of a morning snuggler.
Laurel Lance: And I'm learning that you don't like to wake up at any hour that ends in A.M.
Tommy Merlyn: That's true.

Quentin Lance: That's not the way I remember your sister
Laurel Lance: That's because you remember her the way you wish she had been, not the way she actually was. She's not the saint that you make her out to be.

Oliver Queen: This is the not so hidden headquarters for the Starling City chapter of the Bratva.

Alexi Leonov: It is unusual for an American to hold such a position of esteem in our organization.

Edward Fyers: The point of these little gladiatorial distractions is to strengthen unit cohesion.

John Diggle: Whoa! That's that neat trick. You gonna teach me that one day?

John Diggle: Fantastic. Looking forward to my new and exciting career as a drug dealer.

Thea Queen: Look, nobody asked you to get involved.

Thea Queen: I say thanks, but no thanks.

Thea Queen: See, I'm eighteen now and I can make my own decisions, so I decide not to be your ex-girlfriends office monkey.

Thea Queen: Is that the best you can come up with?

Alexi Leonov: You know why they call him The Count? When he was developing this drug, he experimented on the homeless, prostitutes, runaways. The police would find their bodies, puncture marks on their neck, like a vampire.

The Count: A good wine's value is measured by its vintage; the number of years it took to ferment. Vertigo is measure in lives.56 people died to perfect this high. Believe me when I say, they did not die for nothing.

Oliver Queen: I feel like I'm getting the worst hangover of my life.
John Diggle: That coming from a guy who spent most of his twenties in a hangover, that's really saying something.

John Diggle: A near drug overdose isn't something you just walk away from.
Oliver Queen: Neither is Thea.

Felicity Smoak: You look like something the cat dragged in, not that there are cats in this building. Well, once a cat did get in, but a guard tazed it, it smelled like fur and static in here for like a week.

Felicity Smoak: Sounds like you need a Bloody Mary and a pretzel, not the IT Department.

Felicity Smoak: If it's an energy drink, why is it in a syringe?
Oliver Queen: I ran out of sports bottles.

The Count: I'm providing a public service!
Oliver Queen: So am I.

Thea Queen: Juvenile delinquent reporting for duty.

Thea Queen: It is too late to choose jail?

Felicity Smoak: I'm not an idiot. You've dropped some fairly ridiculous lies on me, and, yet, I still feel like I can trust you.

Felicity Smoak: I think this list might have cost Walter his life.

Season 1 Episode 13: "Betrayal"

Cyrus Vanch: I hope George has been food shopping. I'm famished.

Slade Wilson: Twitch, and I will open your throat.

Frank Pike: What was urban legend's becoming heroic.
Quentin Lance: If this man's a hero, I don't know what my life in this city as a cop means.

Moira Queen: The only way to keep this family safe is for everyone in it to stop asking questions, including you, Oliver.

Thea Queen: Tell me how this isn't cruel and unusual punishment.

Thea Queen: Interns get school credit, I'm more like a court-ordered slave.

Laurel Lance: The experience of helping others is its own reward.

Laurel Lance: Vanch is connected to human trafficking, drug running, racketeering, and at least 52 different homicides.

Tommy Merlyn: How does a night with me and a dozen famous chefs sound?
Laurel Lance: Like an episode of "the Bachelor".

John Diggle: Are you running to help her, or away from the truth about your mother?

Kelton: Your daughter is playing Maid Marian to Robin Hood again.

Cyrus Vanch: The current sucking sound you're hearing is the giant power vacuum in Starling City, the one that I plan on filling.

Cyrus Vanch: You know what I learned in prison? If you want to be respected, you find the biggest guy and put him down, permanent. I think I just found the biggest guy.

Laurel Lance: I even wore my fat pants.
Tommy Merlyn: I don't want to know what those are, do I?
Laurel Lance: Nope.

Quentin Lance: I warned her. I said stay away from this lunatic, she didn't. You don't think that turns a knife in my back?
Lucas Hilton: I hope she sees it that way/

Tommy Merlyn: Hmmm, put those puppy dog eyes away.

John Diggle: It's been my experience, when your son wants some alone time, there's not much I can do to stop him.
Moira Queen: Much to my chagrin.

Quentin Lance: You so much as leave a bruise on her and I swear I will drag you down to hell myself.

Laurel Lance: I don't know what's worse, the fact you lied to me or nearly got me killed!

Tommy Merlyn: Yeah, it feels like crap, doesn't it?

Oliver Queen: Every time you want to talk to me about something, and that something is Laurel, you look like you're about to tell me you have a terminal disease.

Oliver Queen: But talk to her anyway, and fix this, before it becomes something that's unfixable.

Slade Wilson: You have no skill, no strength, no training. To say you fight like a girl would be a complement.

Cyrus Vanch: I love a girl who can take care of herself.

Moira Queen: The only threat is boredom.

John Diggle: Why would she do that if she didn't have something to hide?

Slade Wilson: Don't make it more difficult upon yourself. I can do this in a way that you will not feel it at all.

Slade Wilson: There might be a fighter inside of you after all.

Quentin Lance: There isn't anybody else I could trust.

Cyrus Vanch: Now, I'm no Einstein, but that is a lot of bullets.

Cyrus Vanch: Loose the bow, Merida. ... Ventilate him.

Oliver Queen: I'm the vigilante, you're the cop.

Oliver Queen: You need me as much as I need you.

Slade Wilson: We're A.S.I.S.

John Diggle: I guess the lesson here is blind trust can be dangerous.

Oliver Queen: Moira Queen, you have failed this city!

Season 1 Episode 14: "The Odyssey"

Felicity Smoak: Oliver... oh, wow! Everything about you became so unbelievably clear.

Felicity Smoak: You need a doctor, not a steelworker.

Felicity Smoak: Something tells me that blood stains are not covered under my lease.

Felicity Smoak: I'm guessing how and why are Oliver Queen's least favourite questions.
John Diggle: Yeah, well, there's also when and where he's not too fond of.

John Diggle: He stored it for a rainy day, and I say right now, it's pouring.

Slade Wilson: How did you survive here for six months? I know girl scouts who have more fight in them.

Slade Wilson: There is no giving up to these guys! No crying or buying your way out of it! You have two choices: escape or die. So choose.

Oliver Queen: Please don't hate me.

Oliver Queen: Can you disarm it?
Slade Wilson: Without disarming you?

Slade Wilson: Obviously you were never a boy scout.

Oliver Queen: There are wolves here? Right, of course there are, because what would the worst place on Earth be without wolves.

Oliver Queen: Seriously? I've been working on this for two hours.
Slade Wilson: I know, I was watching. Thank you for the entertainment.

Slade Wilson: If you think you can sleep with your girlfriend's sister and still make it right, you're dumber than I thought, and believe me when I tell you that is saying something.

Slade Wilson: Everybody is in this life for themselves!

Felicity Smoak: I always wondered how I'd react if I found my boss shot and bleeding inside my car.

Felicity Smoak: I may be blonde, but I'm not that blonde.

John Diggle: Hard as it probably is for him to admit, even Oliver needs help sometimes.

John Diggle: Pray we don't have a heart attack ourselves.

Oliver Queen: Nothing is bred that is weaker than man.

Slade Wilson: I'm going to send Fyers and all his men straight back to hell.

John Diggle: Argh! It is less stressful when he's jumping off rooftops.

John Diggle: Unfortunately, there are always casualties when you're fighting a war.

Edward Fyers: Ah, Mr. Queen, I think it's past time you left this island, permanently.

Slade Wilson: I'm impressed, you didn't puke.
Oliver Queen: I swallowed it.

Slade Wilson: A man in pain is unreliable.

Oliver Queen: I guess I didn't die... again. Cool.

Felicity Smoak: I hope it's alright. Your system looked like it was from the eighties, and not the good part of the eighties like Madonna and leg warmers.

John Diggle: But Oliver, are you saying this because you truly believe she is innocent, or because you don't want to face the fact that your mother might be guilty?

Season 1 Episode 15: "Dodger"

Jerry: Were you bluffing? Would that thing have detonated?
The Dodger: Violently. Don't worry though, you've done exactly what I asked, so it's just unconsciousness for you.

Felicity Smoak: Has it ever occurred to you that you could do real good in this city, beyond just recovering people's stock portfolios and their savings accounts?

Slade Wilson: When you swing past a drug store for those antibiotics, you want to get me a copy of Maxim and maybe a Sports Illustrated?

Slade Wilson: You're not going to last an hour out there,
Oliver Queen: Well, I guess you better hope I get back in 45 minutes then.

Frank Chen: But then he was murdered, and that should be a cautionary tale for both of us.

Moira Queen: We started this to fix the Glades, Frank. To cure the city, not lay it to waste.

John Diggle: What would you have done if you were wrong and I decided to make a call to Detective Lance.
Oliver Queen: I would have put an arrow in you.
John Diggle: Ha! No really, really. You really would have done that? Really?

Felicity Smoak: Is this really how you guys figure out how to get your target, over burgers and shakes?

John Diggle: You need me to handle that?
Carly Diggle: I appreciate it, but I'm a pro by now.

Oliver Queen: I find the person and then I put the fear of god into them until they talk. But we can try it your way.

Thea Queen: Who knew that street meat could taste so good?

Laurel Lance: Give us the purse and we won't press any charges.

McKenna Hall: I thought you gave up crime fighting.

McKenna Hall: I was like old times, except the PG version.

Oliver Queen: So how about a drink. Not now. Would you maybe, out to odd... I'll take you for a... Would you like to have dinner with me, McKenna? I don't know if you heard, I was on a deserted island for five years and I've been totally out of practise from this whole...

Oliver Queen: Contrary to popular opinion, I do have a life.

Thea Queen: I'm working on a very important purse snatching case.

Thea Queen: Hey, Laurel. Does your dad still, like, arrest people?

McKenna Hall: What did you do? What did you eat? Where'd you sleep? How did you make it?

Oliver Queen: Come quietly!
The Dodger: I'm afraid I'll have to decline.
Oliver Queen: Then I'm afraid you won't be going to jail.

Felicity Smoak: You two suck at lying.

John Diggle: You really have no idea how rich his family is, do you?

Quentin Lance: That's quite the resume you've compiled here. Petty theft, B&E, robbery, petty theft, stolen car, well it's nice change things up in a while, and petty theft. You got something against banks?
Roy Harper: Well it is hard to run with one under your arm.

Moira Queen: If our plan works, I can't let it damn Walter to hell.

Felicity Smoak: Have you given any thought to what might happen if this doesn't work and the Dodger absconds with your family jewels?

Oliver Queen: I would rather take my chances with a deadly jewel thief.

Oliver Queen: I'm not Robin Hood.

John Diggle: Believe me when I tell you that war is easier than dating.

Thea Queen: You must not know the value of a vintage purse.

Slade Wilson: It tastes like an ashtray, but it does the job.

Season 1 Episode 16: "Dead to Rights"

Guillermo Barrera: Gracias. Don't worry, the man's as good as...

John Diggle: The trick is to keep your weight evenly distributed.
Felicity Smoak: I thought the trick was to avoid getting into fights.

John Diggle: I may not be a good idea to fall for the cop who's hunting you down.
Oliver Queen: Well it's slim pickings for us vigilantes.

Slade Wilson: I did have one idea. If you go into the forest and gather as much bamboo as you can find, we can build ourselves a boat, like they did on Gilligan's Island.

Slade Wilson: I'm better at pulling things apart.

Tommy Merlyn: This feels like a Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
Oliver Queen: It's going to taste like one, too.
Tommy Merlyn: You are a true friend.

Oliver Queen: Tommy, you remember McKenna Hall.
Tommy Merlyn: From back in the day.
McKenna Hall: And back again.

Laurel Lance: I don't know why my father bought her that canary. That thing chirped night and day.

Oliver Queen: Oh, thank God she didn't cook.
Tommy Merlyn: Amen.

Malcolm Merlyn: I'm being honoured by the Starling City Municipal Group, they're bestowing me with their annual Humanitarian Award.
Tommy Merlyn: What they ran out of actual humans to give it to?
Malcolm Merlyn: I would like you to be there, if you could.
Tommy Merlyn: I am 100% certain that I'll be busy.

Tommy Merlyn: Save your money dad, I don't need it anymore.

Tommy Merlyn: You know what, dad? Sometimes, the people that you want there the most, aren't. You taught me that, multiple times.

Floyd Lawton: My vision ain't exactly what it used to be.
China White: No, it's going to be better.

Malcolm Merlyn: We won't fail this city.

Felicity Smoak: This isn't going to be easy to break, but Code Breaker is my middle name. Actually it's Megan...

Tommy Merlyn: Dad-like - that sums up my father perfectly.

Oliver Queen: But still, I would give anything to have him back, because, at the end of the day, you dad is... your dad.

Slade Wilson: I hope you like barbecue. Well, don't fall over yourself thanking me for spending six hours up a tree so you can eat.

Slade Wilson: You've been at that for days, give it a rest.
Oliver Queen: It's because I can do this.
Slade Wilson: Sure kid, when pigs fly.
*radio turns on*
Slade Wilson: You've got to be kidding me.

Oliver Queen: It's not about me or you, detective, it's about saving a life.

Laurel Lance: You look handsome.
Tommy Merlyn: I try not to, it just keeps happening.

McKenna Hall: Don't say no because you're a terrible liar.
Olivier Queen: Really? I thought I was getting better at it.

Felicity Smoak: Oh, le sigh.

Malcolm Merlyn: I promise you, this city will be better for all of us.

China White: I don't like improvisation.

Malcolm Merlyn: Tommy, take a deep breath and trust me.

Tommy Merlyn: You killed him!
Malcolm Merlyn: As surely as he would have killed you.

Tommy Merlyn: Why should I trust you?

Slade Wilson: I want to meet this monster.

Felicity Smoak: This Lawton kick his dog or something?

Season 1 Episode 17: "The Huntress Returns"

Oliver Queen: Steve Aoki is going to DJ right there.
McKenna Hall: What! How did you Steve Aoki?
Oliver Queen: I dated his sister.

Quentin Lance: What are you doing here? Wh... wh... why are you here?
Dinah Lance: I am here because I believe Sarah is still alive.

Quentin Lance: Please, listen to me, okay? Sarah died on that boat.

Thea Queen: I didn't know purse snatchers took coffee breaks.
Roy Harper: You know, for a stuck up rich bitch, you sure seem to spend a lot of time here in the Glades.

Thea Queen: I think it's time you put up or shut up.

Oliver Queen: Don't look at me like that. The club is opening, finally, McKenna and I are going on date number six tonight, which is... significant, and... uh, it seemed like a good day to give the bad guys a rest.

Oliver Queen: Helena.
John Diggle: Ya, or as I like to call her, your psycho ex-girlfriend.

Helena: In 48 hours, witness protection will give him a new name, a new life, and he'll be off the grid forever. Untraceable.

Oliver Queen: Thank you.
John Diggle: It's my job.
Oliver Queen: For not saying I told you so,
John Diggle: The night's young.

Tommy Merlyn: You're a murderer. A killer. You were my best friend in life, but now it's like I don't even know you.
Oliver Queen: You're right. I've changed. Listen, buddy, now I can explain to you, I can explain to you how and why.
Tommy Merlyn: What would be the point? I wouldn't believe a word of it anyway.

Slade Wilson: We have to stop Fyers before he kills thousands of innocent people.

Laurel Lance: What'd the stapler ever do to you?

Quentin Lance: So you really believe this garbage your mother's selling about Sarah being alive on fantasy island?

Helena Bertinelli: There is a whole club full of leverage above our heads right now.

Oliver Queen: Dont' say it!

Oliver Queen: What did you want me to do? You want me to kill her?
John Diggle: I think you would have a long time ago if she looked me instead of the T-Mobile girl.

Felicity Smoak: I can help with that, I've been dying to hack into the FBI security system.

Helena Bertinelli: How many girlfriends do you have exactly?

Helena Bertinelli: I don't take prisoners.

Soldier: You killed a few of my friends you son of a bitch.
Slade Wilson: And I'm going to kill a few more.

Thea Queen: Cut yourself shaving?

Laurel Lance: I feel like I'm falling apart.

Roy Harper: Wow, stalker much?

Thea Queen: You know, money isn't everything.
Roy Harper: Spoken like someone who's got it.

Thea Queen: You're bleeding!
Roy Harper: Yeah, that's what happens when you get stabbed.

Oliver Queen: Just your father. If anyone else gets hurt, I'll put an arrow into you.

Quentin Lance: You are quite the hunter, Ms. Bertinelli. Well, I guess I should make that huntress.

Quentin Lance: You tell me his name, I will do everything I can to make it better.
Helena Bertinelli: Oliver Queen.

Thea Queen: Oh, don't tell me a tough gang-banger like yourself is afraid of a tiny little needle.

Oliver Queen: I feel like I'm letting everybody down.

Felicity Smoak: Could be a crazy coincidence or your psycho ex-girlfriend, Digg's words, not mine, is still in town.

McKenna Hall: I loved being a cop.

Oliver Queen: Lying to the people that are closest to me, it's the hardest part.

Season 1 Episode 18: "Salvation"

Felicity Smoak: You went over there to be all 'Grrr stop being bad or I'll arrow you', now you want to rescue him.
Oliver Queen: I don't like the idea that somebody dangerous is out there. Somebody else.

Edward Fyers: You've grown up quite a bit, Mr. Queen, I'll give you that.

Slade Wilson: Just get us the damned boat!

Roy Harper: Well, we don't all have butlers. You know, some of us actually have to answer our own doors.
Thea Queen: Oh, the horror.

Thea Queen: Why do you have a gun?
Roy Harper: Because I'm no good with knives.

Oliver Queen: Are you waiting for me to finish before giving me the lecture?
John Diggle: Oliver, you've been spending a lot of time under that hood in the last couple of weeks.
Oliver Queen: It keeps my ears warm.

John Diggle: That's a pretty bleak future you plan on spending with no one.

Joseph Falk: John, I find you guilty.

Felicity Smoak: This guy's definitely got more than a subscription to Wired. His website is protected by some very serious encryption.

Felicity Smoak: No offence, do I tell you how to sharpen your arrows?

Joseph Falk: I'm going to give you ten minutes to deliver the closing argument of your life.

Frank Chan: I think your definition of good requires an adjustment.

Moira Queen: There's nothing I wouldn't do to protect my children, Frank.

Thea Queen: I'm sorta dating this guy who could, definitely be described as a bad boy, and I figure as someone who has dated like a gajillion of them...
Laurel Queen: I haven't dated a gajillion... Alright, guilty as charged. You want my advice? Run, as fast as you possibly can.

Oliver Queen: Where's Diggle?
Felicity Smoak: I asked him to leave me alone, in my loud voice.

Oliver Queen: This is the thing about what we do, sometimes we lose.

Slade Wilson: I wouldn't be, but this one has some strange hangup about principles and integrity.

Quentin Lance: You know that I would cross to hell and back to bring her home, but I can't!

Dinah Lance: I killer her... I killed my daughter.

Yao Fei: Get her to safety, now!

Joseph Falk: We're the only ones who can save this city. We can't stop now.

Oliver Queen: I understand being of being alone, but it doesn't give you the right to kill people in cold blood.

Laurel Lance: Bad boys, hook you every time.

Oliver Queen: You alright? You seem like you're something other than all right.

Oliver Queen: I don't want to be on an island anymore.

Oliver Queen: If you ever need to tell someone about your day, you can tell me.

Oliver Queen: It was right in front of our faces the entire time.

Season 1 Episode 19: "Unfinished Business"

Oliver Queen: I like how we've gone from throwing money at clubs to catching it.

Oliver Queen: What sort of business has a lost and found that's just filled with women's underwear?
Tommy Merlyn: The best business ever?

Tommy Merlyn: Oh, having this much fun should be against the law.

Tommy Merlyn: I thought the vigilante finished off the Count.
Oliver Queen: I did.

Quentin Lance: Oh, you'll probably be shocked to know that I never went to medical school.

Dr. Webb: I've been working with him for months now, and all I've gotten out of him is word salad and the occasional spit in the face.

The Count: Here I was born, and there I died.

The Count: I remember you, Man in the Hood. You are never far from my thoughts.

Quentin Lance: You could have just said he was nuts.

Slade Wilson: Who taught you how to fight?
Shado: My father wanted a son.

Shado: Does he always whine this much?
Slade Wilson: Today's one of his good days.

Oliver Queen: He was my first visit; waste of time. He's sumashedshiy.

Lucas Hilton: Due to budget cuts, the cameras were the first to go.
Quentin Lance: That is unbelievable.

Lucas Hilton: Yeah, a leopard and his spots, you know?

John Diggle: Alright, the person of colour has successfully purchased your drugs.
Felicity Smoak: For the record, I offered.

Felicity Smoak: My only experience with drugs was an encounter with a pot brownie in my freshman year, by mistake.

John Diggle: This is personal. Lawton is my problem to deal with.

Quentin Lance: I am trying...
Laurel Lance: To do your job? Ya, I know, and this is me doing mine.

Oliver Queen: If the point of this is to make me feel like an idiot, it's working.
Shado: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Dealer: You don't pay, you don't play.

Felicity Smoak: There's a lunatic, high on vertigo, who's taken hostages, and you're makin' tea.

Oliver Queen: This guy didn't fail the city, the city failed him. And so did I.

Oliver Queen: No, but I did fail to put the Count in a grave so deep that he couldn't come back and hurt anyone again.

Lyla Michaels: I remember you being a better liar than that, Johnny.

Oliver Queen: Fine, when we all rescued each other.

Oliver Queen: You're making a mistake.

Laurel Lance: Well, if prohibition was still in effect, you might actually have a basis of a criminal complaint.

Tommy Merlyn: So let me ask you a question, pal. What have I done in the last six months since you've been home that would leave you to believe that I would sell drugs?

Tommy Merlyn: The next time you decide to think the worst of me, imagine what I now think of you.

John Diggle: In other words, find your brother's killer on your own time.

Dr. Webb: Oliver Queen, all those years on that island, guess you really did go crazy.

Dr. Webb: From what I've read in the tabloids, no one will be surprised to hear Oliver Queen died of a drug overdose.

John Diggle: Clear!

The Count: Looks like I'm the last one standing, sitting, spinning.

The Count: Is there a name on the gravestone? No, it's new and clean, and waiting.

Tommy Merlyn: This club is important to me, but for you it's just a front. You want me to keep your secret, help you be this thing you've become, but you refuse to see me for what I've become. I've got just a bit too much self-respect for that.

Oliver Queen: What's next?
Shado: We teach you to shoot.

Laurel Lance: Just soda. Bartender forget the scotch?

Laurel Lance: He has a name you know.
Quentin Lance: Ya, I just can't seem to bring myself to use it. Baby steps.

Quentin Lance: I close cases, that's what I do, everyone else be damned.

John Diggle: I've killed before, Oliver, it's just been a while.

Oliver Queen: You two have unfinished business.

Season 1 Episode 20: "Home Invasion"

Oliver Queen: You feel better?
John Diggle: I'll feel better once we end Deadshot.

John Diggle: We have to end this guy before he makes any more widows out of wives.

Felicity Smoak: Which means I just hacked 8 federal agencies. Kinda makes me a Cyber Terrorist, which is bad, because I really don't see myself fitting in well in Guantanamo Bay.
Oliver Queen: Don't worry, Felicity, they don't send Blondes there.
Felicity Smoak: I dye it, actually... I keep your secret.

Felicity Smoak: Couldn't you be friends with someone less complicated than your ex-girlfriend, who's your ex-best friend's current girlfriend.
Oliver Queen: I wear a hood and put arrows into criminals, so when it comes to complexity, I grade on a curve.

Slade Wilson: I think we should be spending our time trying to devise a plan, not lower our already slim chances or survival.

Lyla Michaels: I will not let you use my agency to settle your blood feud.

Laurel Lance: Edward Rasmus isn't known for playing with kid gloves, so this could get rough.

Mr. Blank: What he saw was the face of the man who will reunite him with his parents.

Tommy Merlyn: I spend most nights at your daughter's anyways. There was probably a better time to tell you that.
Quentin Lance: Probably not.

Oliver Queen: Probably hit *a* tree.

Oliver Queen: Do you want Floyd Lawton arrested?
John Diggle: No.

Laurel Lance: You know, I make the world's best macaroni and cheese.
Tommy Merlyn: It's the only thing she knows how to make.

Tommy Merlyn: Every time I close my eyes, I can see her. Every time I go to bed, I see her in my dreams.

Tommy Merlyn: Whenever you are sad or scared, just remember that they will always be there.

Laurel Lance: You constantly surprise me Merlyn.

Mr. Blank: It was the badge that gave me away, right?

Quentin Lance: I'm feelin' like it may be time for you to move.

Tommy Merlyn: The Queens have more security than the president. They got cameras everywhere, bodyguards in every wing, and nobody goes in or out without being accounted for. We both only want what is best for Laurel, and right now that is to stay close to Oliver, trust me.

Tommy Merlyn: You're the reason why we're here, and trust me, that wasn't easy to admit.

Thea Queen: You know, chewing might help.

Thea Queen: Do you have a police radio in your pocket?
Roy Harper: No, just happy to see you.

Roy Harper: You set this up just to get your radio back?
Quentin Lance: Well, I do love that radio.

Felicity Smoak: So you're sniping a sniper, kinda ironic don't you think?

Shado: You're thinking too much.
Oliver Queen: Nobody ever accused me of that before.

Shado: I see my target in the distance, I feel the variation in the wind, I head the bow string tighten, and I let go. Give in to your senses, don't think.

Moira Queen: I liked who my son was when he was around you.

Thea Queen: I'm looking for my boyfriend, he's kinda a regular around here; piercing, blue eyes, and he may or may not have stolen a police radio.

Quentin Lance: See, your pal, the Hood, he has already sent 26 stiff down here just he started his little one man war.

Mr. Blank: Such pain here, a sense of loss and regret, you can feel it down to the wood paneling.

Mr. Blank: What happened to you on that island?
Oliver Queen: You're about to find out!

Quentin Lance: Death by poker, that's a new one.

Tommy Meryln: You still love her, don't you?
Oliver Queen: Doesn't matter how I feel, because what I do... I could never be with her, so you don't have anything to be afraid of. She's never, ever, going to know my secret.

Tommy Meryln: I guess I haven't changed as much as we all thought, then.

Thea Queen: I always thought you were an idiot, now I think you're brain dead.

Roy Harper: I can't explain it, it feels like my life is connected to his.

Thea Queen: I can tell this means the world to you, and you mean the world to me.

Yao Fei: Your time on this island is at an end.

Season 1 Episode 21: "The Undertaking"

Oliver Queen: Harold Backman, you have failed this city.

Felicity Smoak: Hmm, let me guess, some bad guy missing his fancy new laptop?

Felicity Smoak: At the risk of ending up with an arrow in my eye, can I ask, when are you planning on making peace with Diggle?

Moira Queen: You don't have children, do you Walter?
Walter Steele: Not yet I'm afraid.
Moira Queen: Well save yourself the trouble and don't, they eventually all turn into teenagers.

Malcolm Merlyn: We're emptying the Atlantic with a tablespoon. For years we have been forcing the cities worst to do what is best, leverage them to help us save the city, but it's not working.

Malcolm Merlyn: Like Bến Tre in Vienam, the village must be destroyed before it can be saved.

Robert Queen: You've always had a bit of a god complex, Malcolm, it's part of your charm, but you can't create a natural disaster.

Malcolm Merlyn: One man alone can't save this city, Robert, we both know that.

Laurel Lance: This coffee's terrible, Oliver.
Oliver Queen: That's what you get for ordering coffee at a bar.

Oliver Queen: You look tired. Too much work?
Laurel Lance: Too much crying.

Oliver Queen: Alonzo runs the biggest underground casino in Starling City, when he's not busy kidnapping.

Felicity Smoak: How many arrows do you think you'll need up put into him before he gives up Walter's location? Say a lot?

Felicity Smoak: I can count cards, it's all probability theory and mathematics.

Felicity Smoak: The reason I joined you in the first place was to find Walter, for the first time we have a real chance at finding him.

Malcolm Merlyn: I listened to my wife die over, and over, and over again.

Malcolm Merlyn: Imagin it was Moira lying on that pavement, bleeding, calling your name, and then tell me you wouldn't be prepared to do what I am.

John Diggle: What do you want?
Felicity Smoak: Is that any way to treat a girl who just walked up six flights of stairs?

Laurel Lance: If our relationship is going to end, at least let it end in honesty.

Felicity Smoak: Just to be clear, the plan is for me to get caught counting cards in an underground casino filled with hardened criminals.

Felicity Smoak: It feels really good to have you inside me. And by you I mean your voice, and by me I mean my ear.

Felicity Smoak: On stack of high society, please.

Malcolm Merlyn: The Markov Device passed its final beta test this morning.

Robert Queen: Because I'm not the man you think I am.

Moira Queen: So you'll atone for one murder by committing hundreds, thousands?

Moira Queen: Whatever wrongs you've committed, whatever mistakes you've made, preventing this horror is your chance to make it right.

Felicity Smoak: You're going to be really upset when you meet my partner.

Thea Queen: When it comes to shopping, it's not work, really.

Moira Queen: Don't tell me what or how I feel, Oliver.

Oliver Queen: Dad, do you have cash?

Laurel Lance: My hero, I'm starved. Jerk pizza guy can't break a hundred.

Oliver Queen: Why, because your father threatened to tase me the last time that I closed the door to your bedroom?

Felicity Smoak: I've been sitting in the dark all night, too.

Robert Queen: Moira, let the boy take the boat out with the old man.

Season 1 Episode 22: "Darkness On The Edge Of Town"

Oliver Queen: My mom and my best friend's dad are involved in a conspiracy that may have dire consequences for the city, and I'm pretty sure they murdered my father. I'm not planning on using the word okay again any time soon.

Felicity Smoak: The last time the vigilante paid your mom a visit you got shot and I got to play doctor with you... ugh, my brain thinks of the worst ways say things.

Laurel Lance: What if I'm finally starting to see you for who you really are?

Thea Queen: I'm really sick of us all having to go through a lot, you know?

Slade Wilson: Well, pray that I don't get the chance to repay your mercy.

Edward Fyers: I won't be landing anywhere, Mr. Queen, I'm going to destroy it.

Quentin Lance: Psychopaths are colour-coding themselves now, that's helpful.

Roy Harper: I borrowed it, illegally.

Thea Queen: You don't need to find him to be somebody.

Thea Queen: Okay, I officially don't like that look.

Oliver Queen: Please, mom, let me help you before you drown.

Edward Fyers: It's not what I want, but rather my employer.

Edward Fyers: I said I need you alive, but I can kill everyone you care about.

Lucas Hilton: Did I say reach? I misspoke, I meant leap.

Oliver Queen: I don't know anything anymore.

Felicity Smoak: You said you were gonna pull your punches.

Felicity Smoak: As I keep proving, people keep secrets, computers don't.

Felicity Smoak: Hacking is such an ugly word, no I'm... ya, totally hacking into the Merlyn Global mainframe.

Laurel Lance: ...and you'd probably rather drink acid than see me with him again.

Quentin Lance: Since Queen's been back, he's... different. I'll deny ever having said that.

Felicity Smoak: Just for the record, I will pump my fist in the air and scream 'yes'... if I get in.

Felicity Smoak: One Belly Buster with benzodiazepine, hold the mayo.

Oliver Queen: Don't look down.
Felicity Smoak: Too late.

Oliver Queen: Hold on to me, tight.
Felicity Smoak: I imaged you saying that under different circumstances.

Felicity Smoak: Yeah, this is just my "about to hack" face.

Tommy Merlyn: I saw your name in my schedule, I thought it must be a typo.

John Diggle: Let's go, Barbie. Your new last name ain't going to be Merlyn.
Felicity Smoak: But I love him, he's my man! You're my knight in shining armour.

Oliver Queen: Roy, we haven't met, I'm Thea's disapproving older brother.

Roy Harper: No offence Thea, but your brother's kind of a wimp.

Moira Queen: Divorce is an extreme reaction.

Oliver Queen: I was just treating the symptoms while the disease festered.

Season 1 Episode 23: "Sacrifice"

Malcolm Merlyn: If I only knew how you were spending your nights...

Oliver Queen: You murdered my father, you sentenced me to that island, to five years of hell!

Oliver Queen: Do you really think that you are honouring Tommy's mother by destroying the Glades?

Malcolm Merlyn: Because you don't know, in your heart, what you're fighting for.

Malcolm Merlyn: No one can stop what is to come, not even the vigilante.

John Diggle: I take back every joke I made about you sticking a tracking device in your boot.

Felicity Smoak: No, I'm not any kind of criminal.
Quentin Lance: What do you call computer hacking?
Felicity Smoak: A hobby?... That I do not engage in.

Felicity Smoak: You know, I used to think the vigilante was a criminal, too, but it seems to me that whoever he is, he's willing to sacrifice an awful lot to help the people of this city. It kinda makes him a hero, doesn't it?

Oliver Queen: The difference between us, Tommy, is that I didn't find out the truth about my father until it was too late.

Tommy Merlyn: I wish you had died on that island.

Quintin: What are laws, rules, if they don't protect people.

Moira Queen: Everything that I have ever said or done has been to protect you and your sister.

Oliver Queen: Somebody in this family needs to put an end to this, whatever the cost.

Oliver Queen: Those five years, they didn't change me. They scraped away all the things that I wasn't, and revealed the person I always was, which is the person... that's who you always saw.

Oliver Queen: Nobody in my life is who I thought they were, except you.

Tommy Merlyn: He said you want to nuke the Glades, or something.

Malcolm Merlyn: Yes! They deserve to die! All of them! The way she died!

Malcolm Merlyn: I did what I had to do.

John Diggle: I thought Merlyn broke your bow.
Oliver Queen: I have another.

John Diggle: He'll kill you Oliver.
Oliver Queen: I know.

John Diggle: Besides, Army regulations, a solder never lets a brother go into battle alone.

Slade Wilson: I should have figured you couldn't save the day without making a mess.

Edward Fyers: Amazing, a two year operation undone because a young playboy happened to wash-up on the shore. And now, here you are, a killer.

Malcolm Merlyn: So tell me, are you ready to die?

Felicity Smoak: Well, the good news is, this is going to be a paperweight in three.

Thea Queen: I guess I have wicked aim.

Laurel Lance: Daddy, you're scaring me.

Quentin Lance: I love you, honey, now and forever.

Thea Queen: I know you think you have something to prove, but your not the vigilante.

Malcolm Merlyn: Don't worry, your mother and sister will be joining you in death.

Malcolm Merlyn: If I've learned anything as a successful businessman, it's redundancy.

Oliver Queen: It should have been me.


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