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Heir to the Demon

Season 2, Episode 13 Aired: 2014-02-05

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Family Demons

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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We all knew that someone important from the League of Assassins would show up eventually, but even that knowledge didn't prepare me for Nyssa's introduction.

How surprised were you when you found out that Nyssa's arrival was just a very calm personal visit? I expected waves of trained assassins terrorizing the city, instead we got a woman quietly trying to get her lover to return with her. Sure she threatened to kill someone, but that doesn't seem fitting for Ra's daughter.

I am really surprised how easily Nyssa was defeated, though. I mean, I know that Oliver has been working on his strength lately, but he actually took down the heir of Ra's criminal empire without any serious injuries. That is really impressive. Maybe she will be a bit more prepared for their next encounter.

But where was his new super-strong friend through all this. I expected Roy to have a huge role in defending the city against Nyssa's wrath, but he was a complete no-show. They should have at least made a mention at where he was.

Did anyone expect the history these two had?

With this story wrapped up, Oliver's gang is officially larger, yet again. (He is sure making lots of friends this season, isn't he.) It's a shame that the larger his superhero club gets the more damage it does to families. I can only imagine how much worse it will get when Oliver reveals he's with his old island lover again. Poor Laurel.

Laurel's reaction wasn't very surprising to the news, (just look back to season 1) but Oliver's reaction to his mother's latest secret was. He accepted that she had an affair with Malcolm easily enough, but somehow this is so much worse. Is it because he found out through a third party instead of her admitting it? Sure, it is a big deal, but it could have been so much worse... like him finding out he is the son of someone he killed last year. I am sure he will eventually put it behind him, though; one of his friends will surely force him to forgive her.

While "Heir to the Demon" wasn't as action-packed as I expected it to be, it was still a solid episode. The repercussions of these events will very likely be massive, too. I just hope that this isn't the last we see of the League of Assassins.


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