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Season 2, Episode 12 Aired: 2014-01-29

Arrow: Tremors Review

Love and Power

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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With Oliver, or should we say Arrow, finally starting Roy's training, we knew that it wasn't going to be smooth sailing, but it ended up being easier than I expected thanks to a little love.

No, Oliver didn't profess his undying love to Roy (that would have been a bit out of character, but funny), I'm talking about Roy's love of Thea. This whole love conquers all theme is very strong in almost every CW series, but, with Roy's condition, it does make sense. That drug is slowly warping his mind, turning his thoughts down a darker path, so clinging onto the brightest spot of his life is a realistic way to fight it. I doubt it will be enough all the time, never mind if something would actually happen to Thea, but for now, it should help keep Roy on the heroic path.

I also like the way Oliver let his guard down with Roy so he could hold him onto the better path. Could Oliver have convinced Roy to fight for Thea while still wearing the hood? Probably, but I don't think it would have been enough to hold him back from becoming twisted. Plus, this way, there are now more people working with Oliver to fight back the coming darkness. That's probably a very good thing with what's coming.

Why does everyone look like their about to run away screaming when they first set foot in Arrow's base?

While Roy's getting help, Laurel was left to plummet down even further. I guess we can kiss seeing her in a court room goodbye, unless she's the one on trial, anyway. I absolutely despise people who try to ruin people's lives when they are having trouble, so I guess we can throw her old employer onto the pile that needs to be destroyed. Although, if Oliver and Roy would have just let that thing go off, it probably would have been.

With Malcolm now on the run, it makes sense that some of his old technology would start falling into the wrong hands, but I still have a problem with him leaving a working prototype locked away in a poorly secured vault at home. Of course someone would break in and steal it! Actually, I'm surprised it wasn't done earlier. I wonder what other goodies he is hiding in that little old shack.

Moira's new undertaking was completely unexpected, though. Sure, they have taken a poll to see how many can forgive her, but in order for her to win she would need to convince all of them to choose her. Unless they can find some dirt on her opponent, I really can't see that happening.

While I did find lots to enjoy from Tremors, I still think it will be barely memorable after what is to come. Let's just hope it doesn't fail like the Huntress stories.

Anyone else a bit disappointed that the story didn't involve giant bugs coming out of the ground to eat people?

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