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Blind Spot

Season 2, Episode 11 Aired: 2014-01-22

Arrow: Blind Spot Review

Blood Hunt

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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There are times when TV villains feel so pathetically dumb that you wonder how the normal law enforcement didn't figure out who they were long ago. This week, Sebastian Blood showed he definitely isn't one of those villains, regardless what his boss thinks.

I mean, talk about cleaning up every shred of evidence possible! Yes, we know Slade did help him out a bit, but the rest was definitely Blood and his very loyal followers. If there is any evidence left, it must be buried so deep that it will take someone very powerful to find. Then there was the ingenuousness of giving one of his followers the mask and letting him get caught. Hell, he wouldn't have even got caught if it wasn't for Laurel demonstrating her accuracy with a hand gun. Maybe now is a good time for Oliver to call for some backup.

Of course, this blood hunt would probably still be going strong, even with the lack of evidence, if Laurel didn't have a drug problem, or if she told someone before a certain person had a heart attack. I'm sorry, if someone tells you that a certain powerful man killed her husband, you don't wait until they are dead before reporting it. I doubt it would have made too much of a difference, but it might have made it appear she wasn't going nuts thanks to the drugs.

And here we thought they were starting to make such a great team.

Thanks to all of her failings, Blind Spot definitely marks the point when Laurel hits bottom, so I can't see it getting much worse for her. Well... she might lose her home from this, but her friends would surely help her out. Oh, wait, they kind of abandoned her, too. Ouch! Now would probably be a great time for a little sisterly advise.

Thanks to the very brief flashbacks we know what kind of person Sara is... or was anyway. If we didn't already know Oliver thought she was dead, her resignation to her former boss would have been a great foreshadow of what was going to happen to her. I hope they show us how she fakes her death, though.

Of course, a new hero story has been starting to pick up speed lately, and Roy certainly proved that he needs all the help he can get with his training, and now. I wondered how Roy was going to avoid becoming an insane killer, and so far he is demonstrating that it isn't going to come easy. At least he is surrounded by lots of friends to keep him on the right path.

Blind Spot may not have been the greatest hero story we've seen on Arrow, but it does a fantastic job at demonstrating that the current threats Oliver and his friends are facing are definitely not your normal street rabble. I can't wait to see Oliver's expression when he finds out he finds out who his real adversaries are.

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