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Three Ghosts

Season 2, Episode 9 Aired: 2013-12-11

Arrow: Three Ghosts Review

Super Screw-ged

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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After all the awesomeness in the Scientist, I was worried that something was going to bounce wildly out of control during this winter finale, and it definitely did just that... and hit all the right marks on the way!

First off, whoever decided to introduce the three ghosts to nag Oliver like they would Scrooge was a fantastic idea, especially with everything else happening in his life. Hell, they even managed to have past, present and future spirits! Although, Slade being the future ghost wasn't that obvious until we were shown the huge reveal at the end. With so much of this season's story slowly transitioning Oliver from vigilante to hero, this felt like the perfect way to end the self-questioning he had so that he can finally look forward with a clear heroic mind. And is he ever going to need it!

Sure, the first episode this season was called City of Heroes, but more and more it looks like Starling City is the City of Villains. Just look at how many super-villains Arrow has to contend with now, and even more are on the way. They aren't even your season one street thugs any more either; they all have a much darker and more powerful agenda and abilities. Perhaps now would be a good time for Oliver and friends to call for some new back-up, especially since the police are going to be out of the fight for a bit.


I know that Oliver wasn't thinking clearly (it's kind of hard when you're seeing dead people), but sending the police in after Cyrus was one very foolish move. Sure, Oliver was just one man, but a group of trained police officers were definitely way over their head, and he should have known that. I'm just glad the most important one survived the encounter, but I will still miss Roger Cross' performance in the series. At least he went down in a very memorable fight. With the police hurting, at least new heroes are waiting in the wings.

I can now understand why the CW decided to skip the back-door pilot for the Flash TV series in Arrow; these past two episodes were more than enough to prove the concept! Barry Allen's role was fantastic, as was the accident back in Central City that will undoubtedly give him his powers to be punctual. I already can't wait to see what everyone does with the spin-off! I wonder if Felicity will be jumping ship, though. Sure, she and Oliver have a great chemistry, but if she works with Barry even better, plus it would be a great way to bridge the two series even more. Part of me hopes she doesn't though; Arrow just wouldn't be the same without her. Maybe romantic crossovers would work best.

The there is Roy, who finally has his first dose of his own super powers. We don't know exactly what his will be yet, but it appears speed-healing is very likely, and super-strength is probably very obvious. Perhaps now Oliver will finally reveal to him the truth... if he doesn't already know who it is; I can't see how Roy didn't see that it was Oliver under that hood this time.

At least now he might not be so easily identifiable in the future since he finally has his own mask. I can't believe how long it took! Sadly, I can't see that mask hiding much, though, but it is better than a green grease smear.

So far I don't think there can be any doubt, Arrow is definitely the best comic book hero series on the air, possibly ever (especially compared to that boring S.H.I.E.L.D. series). It's almost hard to imagine that it is all thanks to a channel that most viewers wrote off as being for tweens only.


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