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The Scientist

Season 2, Episode 8 Aired: 2013-12-04

Arrow: The Scientist Review

Flash-y Powers

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Before this season began, we were teased with the knowledge that superpowers were on its way to Arrow, plus Barry Allen (aka Flash) was going to be along with the ride. The wait is finally over! Bring on the supers!

But, like all good stories, this suped-up trouble started in the past. The miracle drug which Ivo was seeking actually existed, and even did what it promised... with a massive fatality rate, of course. With Slade's health problems, and what we know about his abilities in the comics, I still expect him to survive long enough to show them off, even with the grim cliff-hanger.

We may not have seen any superpowers on the island, but we definitely got plenty of it in the present. The newly suped-up Cyrus Gold, aka the Acolyte, was our first taste of these abilities and it definitely didn't disappoint. Oliver encounters with him finally added a level of suspense that Arrow hasn't given us since the season finale, and even that one didn't look so terrifying. With the Dark Knight Rises still in our minds, I'm sure may viewers will compare this new villain to Bane, especially with the ass-kicking he gave the Starling's Green Knight, but is that really a bad thing?

Our first super-powered villain!

Maybe this will also be the shift for Oliver getting even stronger, too. Those syringes he got stabbed with definitely look like that miracle drug, and since I doubt they would kill off the star of the series, he is certain to survive the encounter. He didn't get a full injection, but I'm sure that there will be some side-effects, I hope.

While lacking super-powered villains, Moira's return to her work and home was definitely not without interesting reveals. I always suspected that Malcolm's undertaking was part Ra's plan, but it would appear that the arch-villain has very different ideals in this universe. I can't see Malcolm fleeing the city as was recommended to him, so this might be the sign that the legendary villain will be coming to the crumbling city very soon. But, with Roy heading back into the hero business, and Thea following him around into dangerous situations, there may be a few more costumed vigilantes on the loose to greet his league, especially if Thea learns the truth about her daddy.

After the build-up this week, the mid-season finale seems to have everything it needs to create an epic episode... as long as someone doesn't drop the super-ball causing everything to bounce out of control.


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