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State v. Queen

Season 2, Episode 7 Aired: 2013-11-20

Arrow: State v. Queen Review

Drugs, Sex, and Testimony

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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It took an awfully long time to finally get to Moira's trial, although, while this trial was the backdrop for the episode, it was only a very small part of a massive episode.

Let's start with the past first for a change. We knew that Slade and Shado somehow survived the bombardment of the island, but it seems that they have a full set of lucky horseshoes since they even somehow survived the plane getting a gangster's funeral, and was still in good enough condition to attack Ivo's men and rescue the captives. Sure, it might be partially skill, but even Rambo would have taken a bullet or two in the process.

The drug war, on the other hand, didn't have as much gun fire as I expected, though. Instead, this somehow completely sane Count Vertigo decided to be even more villainous and use human shields and kidnapping to get what he wanted. I would love to know how he recovered so quickly, though. Last we saw him was completely out of it, but yet he was amazingly cured enough to be transferred to a prison before the Undertaking, where he was smart enough to escape and know who to take with him. Something tells me he isn't going to make an encore appearance, though... unless he had a spare clone available as a backup plan, or has taken a few courses on how to fake his death.

At least he was nice enough to treat his male and female slaves equally.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Brother Blood was behind this stroke of genius, too, but I am starting to wonder where this mastermind is getting all of his resources, though. Could he be tied to the League of Assassins, or possibly yet another criminal network?

Moira's trial may have revealed the greatest twist of all, though. Thea was right last season when she accused her mom of cheating on Robert Queen, but it goes even further than that. As soon as they announced the cheat, I expected a secret child to be revealed, or that either Thea or Oliver wasn't really a Queen, but the method of the reveal was the most welcome non-surprise yet.

I say non-surprise since it seemed far too obvious that the big M was going to make a huge return. With his survival, and a new heir to his criminal undertakings, I can see some major changes in the future. Could he be the one controlling Blood, or is he just working for the same entity?

But why did he save Moira from her fate? She lied to him, repeatedly, hid the truth about his child, and even revealed his plans, not to mention her son almost killing him, so I would think he would be upset enough to let her rot in a prison while he swooped in, took his child, and began preparing for his next onslaught in secret. Regardless, I am very happy to see him back, though.

We've had a few amazing episodes this season, but "State v. Queen" is definitely my favourite one so far. Sadly, we need to wait an extra week to find out what happens next. Guess it will be enough time for American fans to practise their archery skills on some turkeys.


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