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State v. Queen

Season 2, Episode 7 Aired: 2013-11-20

Arrow: State v. Queen

Episode Plot

Oliver is concerned when a mysterious illness sweeps the city, infecting hundreds of people, including Diggle. Oliver discovers Vertigo in Diggle's blood and realizes The Count has broken out of prison and is once again distributing his drug. Meanwhile, Moira goes on trial for her participation in the Undertaking. ADA Adam Donner collapses in court with Vertigo symptoms so Laurel must step in and try the case against Moira. Oliver is torn between standing by his family during the trial and catching The Count. However, things change when Felicity follows a lead and walks straight into a trap set by The Count.

Starring Cast

David Ramsey

John Diggle

Emily Bett Rickards

Felicity Smoak

Katie Cassidy

Laurel Lance

Willa Holland

Thea Queen

Colton Haynes

Roy Harper

Susanna Thompson

Moira Queen

Manu Bennett

Slade Wilson

Celina Jade


John Barrowman

Malcom Merlyn

Caity Lotz

Sara Lance

Kevin Alejandro

Sebastian Blood


Episode Quotes

Shado: We were lucky.
Slade Wilson: I was lucky, you were good.

Adam Donner: On behalf of the five hundred and three lives that were extinguished that day, I say "Moira Queen, your remorse comes too late".

Felicity Smoak: Don't take this the wrong way, but you look disgusting.

Shado: Let us suggest another option.
Slade Wilson: You had the kid over to us and we don't kill you all.

Count Vertigo: I'm Count Vertigo, and I approve this high.

Laurel Lance: I don't understand how you can forgive me after what I just did in there. I don't understand how anyone could.

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