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League of Assassins

Season 2, Episode 5 Aired: 2013-11-06

Arrow: League of Assassins

Episode Plot

While Oliver tends to the Canary's wounds, he tries to get her to talk about where she came from but she refuses. However, after Oliver and the Canary are attacked at the Queen mansion by a trained killer from the League of Assassins, she confesses to how she's connected with the nefarious group. Meanwhile with Moira facing multiple counts of murder and conspiracy for her part in the destruction of The Glades, the Assistant District Attorney offers her a choice – plead guilty now and avoid the death penalty or take your chances in court. Thea begs her mother to fight for her life but Moira seems resolute about taking the offer. Meanwhile, Oliver is furious with Laurel for joining the prosecution's team on his mother's case.

Starring Cast

David Ramsey

John Diggle

Emily Bett Rickards

Felicity Smoak

Katie Cassidy

Laurel Lance

Willa Holland

Thea Queen

Paul Blackthorne

Quentin Lance

Susanna Thompson

Moira Queen

Caity Lotz

Sara Lance

Dylan Bruce

Adam Donner


Episode Quotes

Sara Lance: I guess somethings, you know, just better left in the past.

Oliver Queen: This was your idea? Life in prison?

Felicity Smoak: What is the League of Assassins? And please don't say it is a league made up of assassins.

Oliver Queen: Have you found somebody for me to hit yet?

Al-Owal: The child of Ra's al Ghul awaits your return.

Sara Lance: You should be mindful of your surroundings.

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