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City of Heroes

Season 2, Episode 1 Aired: 2013-10-09

Arrow: City of Heroes Review

Hood Versus Hoods

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Last year, Arrow became the CW's newest and greatest bullseye it has had in years, so it was no surprise when they gave it a second season. After the devastation that was left, we knew there were going to be changes, but did anyone expect so many?

"City of Heroes" continued after a summer of sorrow, which included Oliver retuning to the island, Thea taking over the bar, Moira in jail, Roy playing vigilante, Queen Consolidated falling, Quentin getting demoted, Laurel moving up in the world of law, and a group of "Hoods" making their own kind of justice. Amazing on how much can happen in just a few months.

Momma Queen's jail time, Quentin's demotion, and the fate of Queen Consolidated are of no shock due to their parts during the season finale. While all three will have a lasting impact on the direction of this new season, the fall of Queen Consolidated will likely be the biggest change. Isabel Rochev is not known for her sunny disposition and charity work, so her playing such a large part in the company will surely be trouble for everyone. Hopefully Oliver can convince Walter to do more than just help with the money.

I expected Laurel to change jobs since CNRI was nothing but a pile of rocks, but I never expected her to suddenly go so hard on catching vigilantes, especially with how much she aided one last year. At least this time it will make more sense for her to be caught up in the danger; she is bound to anger plenty of people by sending them into the slammer.

Or perhaps trouble will just seek her out again.

Thea's occupational change from druggie to bar owner is a welcome change, especially since it will make it easier for Roy and her to find out about Oliver's past-time. Most have written Thea off as a non-vital character, but that could quickly change with this shift. Maybe after her capture she will get Roy or her brother to help her learn how to do some ass-kicking. Roy is obviously very adept at beating up thugs, while taking some devastating blows himself, but he could still use some help, too. Perhaps the Canary can help with that.

The big change was all to do with Oliver, though. Tommy's death really hit home, especially how Tommy saw him. After spending the summer on Lian Yu, again, ending with Diggle and Felicity's heroic rescue, Oliver's murderous rampage appears to be finally in the past. While it was one thing for him to say that he wasn't going to kill, successfully keeping the Hoods alive, especially with the emotions he was going through from who they captured, does a great job at setting the stage for a more heroic second season. I wonder how long it will take for him to lose the bad reputation, though.

Even though we saw Lian Yu in the present, the flashbacks still continued, with showed the beginning of Oliver's murderous rage. Perhaps now would be a good time for Shado and Slade to do sit the kid down to talk about his feelings. I think it would have been better if the writers had skipped the island flashbacks during these time jumps, and instead give us some flashbacks to time that we missed so to remove some of the confusion.

With so much happening between the two seasons, there were a few confusing scenes, but, overall, "City of Heroes" did a great job at bringing us viewers back into the action while setting up the events to come.

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