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Arrow: Sacrifice Review

Bringing Down the House!

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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When it comes to season finales, we, the viewers, ask for just for one thing, to make it as memorable as possible, and for Arrow, they didn't just deliver, they set the bar so high that other series will look at it in horror as they struggle to reach it.

Going into this episode, I really had concerns that they were going to pack so much into the 42 minutes (the time without commercials) that it was going to be an over dramatic mess with very little cohesion, like so many other failed finales, but even though it was overflowing with drama and excitement, it never missed a beat. Hell, I'm sure that there was enough content in this one episode to make a major motion picture, yet somehow they managed to cut out all the filler and just give us all the meat, potatoes and sweets that we could handle.

Every major character had at least one possible death scene, which is something I don't remember ever seeing in a TV episode before. Normally it is just one or two, not every single one. Sadly, with all the goodbye speeches, one of them really didn't make it, and it was the one I least suspected, next to Oliver of course. So many characters are going to be impacted by this event that no one will be spared from its reach. Will the death push the survivors together, or apart? Will this fuel their passion to save people, or cause them to lash out in hatred? We desperately want them to all be heroes, but it doesn't take much for someone to become a villain instead.

Although, the biggest shock wasn't that someone didn't make it, (there was just too much as stake for someone not to die) but that our favourite hero in green actually made a friend with a certain police detective, all thanks to a very special IT girl. Who would have thought that she would say just the right things to push him into Oliver's hands? Now, will the rest of the police force follow suit, or will he become Oliver's James Gordon?

Almost equally surprising was Moira's actions. What does this mean for the family? Will her admission give her leniency, or will the Queen residence have one less adult around? If Oliver is stuck taking care of Thea, it won't take her long to find out what he's been up to, although, with her incredible aim the brother and sister team up would be amazing. However, she might be too busy with another hero to pay attention to her brother.

That would be, of course, Roy. Even when the world was falling around him, he still pushed on to save others. In a way, he seems even more heroic than Oliver is, especially since he doesn't have the strength or the fighting skills. He really needs to be part of Oliver's team, and soon.

Well saving people when he isn't smooching with his girl.

The outcome of last week's fight between Malcolm and Oliver ended a little quick, but that definitely wasn't the problem this time. While it was amazing to watch, it did prove how much he needs help, otherwise he will probably end up killing himself trying to save people. Sure, Diggle was there, but he could barely keep up with them, so someone a bit speedier would be great.

How did Oliver walk away with that injury, anyway? Shouldn't he have been coughing up blood or something?

Now the big question is who will take up the mantle as the arch villain next season? There is so many of them out there; it could even be one who we've already been introduced to. Whoever it is, I don't doubt that it will be epic.

Even on the Island, the action was intense. While it felt like the flashbacks were being drawn out too long in places, this episode's events couldn't have fit in with the rest of the excitement any better. Who knew that a spoilt playboy could do so much damage? Now that this chapter of his past is complete, where will this story go next? Off the island perhaps? Or will a new threat, like the people giving the orders to Fryers, show up to make their lives even more miserable?

After watching Sacrifice, Arrow's season finale, my only concern going into the next season is that the crew will have to work tremendously hard to make fans happy, now that we know what they are capable of. Let's hope that just like the best magicians, they saved their best tricks for later.


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