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Arrow: Sacrifice

Season 1: Episode 23

"Sacrifice" Review

Episode Plot

Oliver and Diggle race to stop the Dark Archer from unleashing his vengeance on The Glades. However, they run into a roadblock after Detective Lance picks up Felicity for questioning. Tommy and Oliver's already tumultuous relationship takes a turn for the worse after Oliver makes a confession about Laurel. After hearing of the danger in The Glades, Thea races to find Roy, inadvertently putting herself directly in the line of fire for Malcolm's devious plan. On the island, Oliver, Slade and Shado are locked in a life-or-death struggle against Fyers as his missiles lock on a full Ferris Air jetliner.

Starring Cast

David Ramsey

John Diggle

Katie Cassidy

Laurel Lance

Colin Donnell

Tommy Merlyn

Willa Holland

Thea Queen

Paul Blackthorne

Quentin Lance

Susanna Thompson

Moira Queen

Emily Bett Rickards

Felicity Smoak

John Barrowman

Malcom Merlyn

Colton Haynes

Roy Harper

Manu Bennett

Slade Wilson

Celina Jade


Sebastian Dunn

Edward Fyers


Episode Quotes

Oliver: You murdered my father, you sentenced me to that island, to five years of hell!

Oliver: Do you really think that you are honouring Tommy's mother by destroying the Glades?

Malcolm: No one can stop what is to come, not even the vigilante.

Diggle: I take back every joke I made about you sticking a tracking device in your boot.

Felicity: No, I'm not any kind of criminal.
Quentin: What do you call computer hacking?
Felicity: A hobby... that I do not engage in.

Felicity: You know, I used to think the vigilante was a criminal too, but it seems to me that whoever he is, he's willing to sacrifice an awful lot to help the people of this city. It kinda makes him a hero, doesn't it?

Oliver: The difference between us Tommy is that I didn't find out the truth about my father until it was too late.

Tommy: I wish you had died on that island.

Quintin: What are laws, rules, if they don't protect people.

Moira: Everything that I have ever said or done has been to protect you and your sister.

Oliver: Somebody in this family needs to put an end to this, whatever the cost.

Oliver: Those five years, they didn't change me. They scraped away all the things that I wasn't, and revealed the person I always was, which is the person... that's who you always saw.

Tommy: He said you want to nuke the Glades, or something.

Malcolm: Yes! They deserve to die! All of them! The way she died!

Malcolm: I did what I had to do.

Diggle: I thought Merlyn broke your bow.
Oliver: I have another.

Diggle: He's kill you Oliver.
Oliver: I know.

Diggle: A solder never lets a brother go into battle alone.

Fyers: Amazing, a two year operation undone because a young playboy happened to wash-up on the shore.

Thea: I know you think you have something to prove, but your not the vigilante.

Malcolm: Don't worry, your mother and sister will be joining you in death.

Oliver: I should have been me.

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