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Arrow: Darkness On The Edge Of Town Review

Secrets Exposed

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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The previous episode did a fantastic job at revealing so many of the secrets that have been built up this season, so it was of no surprise that those reveals just kept on coming.

This entire season we were teased with Edward Fyers evil plan, but now finally know what his plan is, and a hint at how far he is willing to go to fulfil his orders from some secret woman. That's right, he is working for a woman... but who? Poor Shado... what is going to happen with Ollie and friends now? I can't see Fyers willingly releasing them, but if they do get free, I doubt that they are going to settle for anything less than Edward's head on a stick.

I am starting to get disappointed from Thea and Roy's quest to find his hero. I guess that their lack of success should be expected since the incompetent police force can't find him either, but this is getting tedious. Perhaps it would have been better if they would have saved Roy's introduction for next season instead of teasing us with him, only give this story a couple of minutes of time every week or so.

Then there is the disaster that is Tommy. Is anyone else missing the time when Tommy and Oliver were friends? I mean, talk about a dick move by Oliver! One moment he is pushing Laurel away and telling Tommy to go for her, then suddenly he sweeps her off her feet again. This may finally be the moment where Tommy and Oliver officially become enemies. I know Oliver thought his job was almost over, but wow man, that was worse than Tommy leaving Laurel after she was almost killed.

If facial expressions could kill, this one might level the city.

The pain didn't stop there either. Moira has done such a terrible job at keeping her secrets away from her family, so it was inevitable that everyone found out, but at what cost? Oliver will probably forgive her, over time, but Walter is gone again, possibly for good this time. I really feel sorry for Thea throughout all of this, especially since she doesn't even know why everything is happening. How much longer can the Queen family endure this level of pain before someone becomes a murderer? Oh, right... too late.

The way Oliver learnt the truth from his mother was genius. He obviously knew that his mother wasn't going to tell him without some coercion, but setting himself up as an innocent bystander while someone else got to play in his hood was completely unexpected. I wonder who actually came up with the idea?

While that plan was great, I found the plan to infiltrate Merlyn Global was significantly less brilliant. Oliver making a meeting with Tommy, fine, even getting Felicity in the building by doing delivery is acceptable, but how did Diggs get a job as a security guard at the drop of a hat? Even if he did, wouldn't it seem odd that a rookie security guard would show up just in time to escort a crazed lover out of the building? I truly hope that this little stunt is going to come back and haunt them.

We know he's strong, but supporting two people with a trigger finger...?

How did the police figure out who did the hacking anyway? I doubt Felicity would have been dumb enough to use anything that actually had her name on it. I could understand if they traced it to the nightclub, but not being able to get a name; this just sounds like a very shady way to add even more drama to a finale that is likely already overflowing with it. I hope I'm wrong.

Malcolm may have had a tragic loss years ago, but his slaughter as the Dark Archer was far beyond justified. Is he trying to tip off the world that he is up to something? I also find it odd that everyone who knew anything just happened to be there so late at night. I hope that the professor's death doesn't mean that Geo-Force will not be making an appearance.

The ending fight was, well... the action was great, as was the look on Malcolm's face at the end, but what an awfully edited, or executed, fighting scene. It was completely obvious that it wasn't John Barrowman in the action scenes, unless he is a shape changer that allows him to change his appearance at will. I know the budget isn't large enough to replace the face on the stunt double through visual effects, but they could have done a better job at disguising him... like using a John Barrowman mask perhaps?

I guess this means the season finale will include yet another Arrow vs Dark Archer showdown, and while it would be great to see, I really hope they don't kill off his character since he has filled the role as the primary villain so well, one that I can't see Tommy fitting into.

While I loved the pace of this episode, and the place we are left in to start the season finale, much of this episode had flaws that took out some of the enjoyment. I'm not sure if it was just rushed, or if they just tried to fit too much into the one episode. Please don't let the episode have the same problems.

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