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Arrow: Home Invasion Review

The Fellowship has Broken

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


Deadshot returned again this week, but even though he didn't grace our screens for much of it, his impact was so powerful that it will be felt for a very long time.

John Diggle's quest for Floyd Lawton's blood has been stretching out since they found out he survived the first encounter, and this week, thanks to A.R.G.U.S. laying a trap, he got another chance at revenge. Although, things may have gone differently if everything went as planned.

The first mistake Diggle made was showing up without a disguise. No, wearing a cap is not a disguise. As Floyd told him, the only reason he knew about the trap was because he saw Diggle was there. Perhaps next time John is looking to ambush someone, he should wear a better disguise, or a mask.

Alternatively, he could have just let A.R.G.U.S. do their job. I never cared for the vengeful Diggle, especially since he has been against this type of behaviour from the beginning. Sure he has his reasons to be vengeful, but how about Helena? It wasn't fine when she was out for vengeance. Also, why didn't either Oliver or Felicity try to talk him out of trying to kill him? In prison, Deadshot would be out of their hair and he wouldn't be able to make widows out of wives. Wasn't that Diggle's excuse for going after him?

Instead Oliver promised to help his friend to commit murder, but in typical Arrow fashion, something got in the way and causing hell to break loose... that is if hell breaking loose involved killing several very obvious agents. It was neat to see Oliver's personal life interfering with his hero life for a change, normally it's the other way around. So, instead of helping assassinate Diggle's assassin, he goes off to be a young boy's hero. I actually think that this was the right choice for Oliver to make, and something that Diggle would have been very happy with, if he wasn't so bent up on revenge. Let's just hope that John collects his thoughts and realizes what he has done so he can return to Oliver's side, and quickly.

I see everything from the scope of a rifle.

I love how Deadshot twisted code of ethics came into play during his encounter with Diggle. From what we have seen of it, his ethics follows the comic version very closely, which is great to see with all the other changes that have been made to all the characters. I wonder how this would have all played out if Diggle didn't run out of ammo. Why didn't he bring any extra clips, or take one of the agent's weapons?

But John and Oliver's relationship wasn't the only thing that the episode's events ruined. Okay, maybe Tommy's friendship was already sinking faster than the Titanic, but at this point we can almost consider it a playground for a school of fish. The worst part is that Oliver had no way to save it. What was he supposed to do, let Laurel die? If he wouldn't have been her hero, twice, she would have been killed, and if he wouldn't have recommended that they stayed at the mansion, as Tommy wanted, they would have had no protection from the hitman. Of course, if she was killed, it would have been another reason for Tommy to hate his old friend. Talk about a lose-lose scenario.

Then to make everything even worse, Tommy abandons Laurel when she needed him. Whatever rotten apple that has consumed his father seems to be spreading to Tommy too. On the bright side, Laurel and Oliver have a chance again.

Mr. Blank , the assassin who caused all Laurel's problems, wasn't a D.C. character, but that didn't make him any less awesome. I absolutely loved this hitman. He was cool, collected, thorough, and evil, just like what you would imagine a professional assassin to be. J. August Richards was so perfect for this role that I wish he didn't meet the end the Queen poker.

I smell pain, loss, fear, and wet carpet.

While I love Felicity most of the time, she felt a bit odd this week. I'm sure some of her attitude problems was the result of her being a little jealous of Laurel, but why didn't she say anything to Oliver when he was faced with the decision to go after Deadshot or Rasmus? She is normally so open about her feelings, so if she didn't want him to go after Rasmus, she should have either recommended him to go after Deadshot instead of asking him what he was going to do, or just not tell him about Rasmus it until after.

Now that Diggle is out, temporarily I hope, perhaps Oliver can take up a new sidekick, one who has been getting himself in trouble searching for him. Our tale of two Speedys didn't get much time to grow, but it did provide enough groundwork to get them working together in Roy's quest to find his idol. I can't wait to see their reactions when they find out who the vigilante is.

The island flashbacks were brief this week, again, but it did reveal a few neat things; like Oliver's first training with a bow, Shado's feeling for him, how much Oliver loves Laurel, and that a certain someone has betrayed them... again. Wow, they really should get that man a pin or something. Could this finally be the moment that Oliver begins his time away from the island?

I also loved the transitions where they blend the past and present seamlessly together, like they did during the first flashback of this episode. It's a pity that they aren't able to blend all of them so well.

'Home Invasion' had so much going on, with only a few odd character choices to hold it back. Sure, it wasn't as insanely paced as other action-packed episodes, but it was still a fun and sound episode. With the Undertaking up next, I doubt this calmer pace will last.

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