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Arrow: Home Invasion

Season 1: Episode 20

"Home Invasion" Review

Episode Plot

Deadshot returns to Starling City after taking down a U.S. Ambassador and six others overseas. By keeping tabs on A.R.G.U.S.'s manhunt for the assassin, Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity learn that a sting operation is underway to capture Deadshot – alive. Diggle is determined to see his brother's killer dead, with or without Ollie's help. Meanwhile, Laurel takes drastic steps to protect a young witness, exacerbating friction between Tommy and Oliver. Later, Roy Harper unconventionally pursues all leads to find his new hero, but runs afoul of Detective Lance. Back on the island, Oliver recalls how Shado helped him incrementally gain confidence with a bow and hit the target for the first time.

Starring Cast

David Ramsey

John Diggle

Katie Cassidy

Laurel Lance

Colin Donnell

Tommy Merlyn

Willa Holland

Thea Queen

Paul Blackthorne

Quentin Lance

Susanna Thompson

Moira Queen

Emily Bett Rickards

Felicity Smoak

Colton Haynes

Roy Harper

Manu Bennett

Slade Wilson

Celina Jade


Byron Mann

Yao Fei


Episode Quotes

John Diggle: I'll feel better once we end Deadshot.

John Diggle: We have to end this guy before he makes any more widows out of wives.

Felicity Smoak: Which means I just hacked 8 federal agencies. Kinda makes me a Cyber Terrorist, which is bad, because I really don't see myself fitting in well in Guantanamo Bay.
Oliver Queen: Don't worry, Felicity, they don't send Blonds there.
Felicity Smoak: I dye it, actually... I keep your secret.

Felicity Smoak: Couldn't you be friends with someone less complicated than your ex-girlfriend, who's your ex-best friend's current girlfriend.

Oliver Queen: I wear a hood and put arrows into criminals, so when it comes to complexity, I grade on a curve.

Slade Wilson: I think we should be spending our time trying to devise a plan, not lower our already slim chances or survival.

Mr. Blank: What he saw was the face of the man who will reunite him with his parents.

Tommy Merlyn: I spend most nights at your daughter's anyways. There was probably a better time to tell you that.

Oliver Queen: Probably hit *a* tree.

Oliver Queen: Do you want Floyd Lawton arrested?
John Diggle: No.

Laurel Lance: You know, I make the world's best macaroni and cheese.
Tommy Merlyn: It's the only thing she knows how to make.

Tommy Merlyn: Every time I close my eyes, I can see her. Every time I go to bed, I see her in my dreams.

Tommy Merlyn: Whenever you are sad or scared, just remember that they will always be there.

Laurel Lance: You constantly surprise me Merlyn.

Mr. Blank: It was the badge that gave me away, right?

Quentin Lance: I'm feelin' like it may be time for you to move.

Tommy Merlyn: The Queens have more security than the president. They got cameras everywhere, bodyguards in every wing, and nobody goes in or out without being accounted for. We both only want what is best for Laurel, and right now that is to stay close to Oliver, trust me.

Tommy Merlyn: You're the reason why we're here, and trust me, that wasn't easy to admit.

Thea Queen: You know, chewing might help.

Thea Queen: Do you have a police radio in your pocket?
Roy Harper: No, just happy to see you.

Roy Harper: You set this up just to get your radio back?
Quentin Lance: Well, I do love that radio.

Felicity Smoak: So you're sniping a sniper, kinda ironic don't you think?

Shado: I see my target in the distance, I feel the variation in the wind, I head the bow string tighten, and I let go. Give in to your senses, don't think.

Moira Queen: I liked who my son was when he was around you.

Thea Queen: I'm looking for my boyfriend, he's kinda a regular around here; piercing, blue eyes, and he may or may not have stolen a police radio.

Quentin Lance: See, your pal, the Hood, he has already sent 26 stiff down here just he started his little one man war.

Quentin Lance: Death by poker, that's a new one.

Tommy Meryln: You still love her, don't you?
Oliver Queen: Doesn't matter how I feel, because what I do... I could never be with her, so you don't have anything to be afraid of. She's never, ever, going to know my secret.

Tommy Meryln: I guess I haven't changed as much as we all thought, then.

Thea Queen: I always thought you were an idiot, now I think you're brain dead.

Roy Harper: I can't help it, it feels like my life is connected to his.

Thea Queen: I can tell this means the world to you, and you mean the world to me.

Yao Fei: Your time on this island is at an end.

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