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Arrow: Unfinished Business Review

Drugs May Contain a Nut or Two

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


The last time we saw the Count, Oliver's fight with him really got our heads spinning, and this time it was like we all got a double dose of Vertigo.

With the reintroduction of the nasty drug, I expected a crazy Count on having fun on town and causing all kinds of insane chaos, possibly something along the lines of the Joker in the Dark Knight, but instead we got greedy fools who thought selling drugs was better than making a fortune from other people's pain. I guess they dumped that 'do no pain' handbook in the trash and burnt it.

Many fans might consider the use of the Count this week as a wasted opportunity, but since he was never finished off, it doesn't mean that he might not become something more in the future. After all, this season is almost over and we have the big Undertaking to deal with, as well as Deadshot, so having another major villain loose for Oliver and his friends to deal with might be too much. Who knows, maybe someone will fix him up and he will become a major player next season.

Even though the villain wasn't as menacing as I had hoped, the result was still impressive. Seriously, how often does a hero get taken down by two amateurs, then rescued by a side-kick? I wonder if all this repeated overdosing is taking a toll on our heroes mind. He doesn't seem any worse off, yet, but he has now received two huge doses, which should have been enough to kill him both times.

One day, you will be as crazy as me!

The main disappointment of the episode had to be Tommy's reaction to everything that happened. I don't understand why he would go through all that work to save Oliver's butt but then leave him with such harsh words? If he really felt like that, why not just let the cops deal with 'the killer'? This man appeared to be okay with Oliver's activities at the beginning of the episode, and it appeared they reconciled after their last feud, but for some little reason he is all spiteful again. Worse yet, he has gone right into his father's arms. Since it didn't take long for him to learn of Oliver's life in the shadows, how long will it take for him to learn of his fathers'? It is inevitable that he finds out, but will he be more forgiving of his dad, will this cause him to rejoin his friend, or will this finally toss him over the edge? I just hope this isn't the end of the wise cracks.

While Oliver was fighting the drug war, Diggle had his own unfinished business with Deadshot. The Assassin didn't play any direct part in this week's activities, but the hunt for him got pushed into high gear, and we were introduced to a new group in the DC Universe.

I can't believe that A.R.G.U.S. already made an appearance this week, even if it was only a short back alley meeting. The only news we heard about it was about season 2, so this was a very huge surprise. Now that Diggle has broken the ice, how long will it be before they learn about Oliver's night job and start working with him, too? This is likely the beginning of a very fruitful alliance.

Oliver's island life wasn't forgotten this week, but it didn't have much of a role. Of course, that didn't make it any less interesting. While we don't know much about Arrow's version of Shado, there is something about her character that feels so perfect. Just like everyone else on the island, she is an amazing fighter, but she is also much less rude and more disciplined. She has even gotten Oliver to do more than anyone else could through a very simple training exercise. He may not be a trained killer, yet, but he is definitely making progress.

Sadly, we are stuck waiting a few weeks again for more episodes, likely due to them just finishing up the production of the final ones. We are about to enter the final stretch of the season, so the pace is likely about to be shifted even higher, if that is even possible, when it returns on April 24th.

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