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Arrow: Salvation Review

The Island Within

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


Fans of the comic books knew that something was going to push Roy Harper into a heroic role, and it appears that 'Salvation' has done just that.

The Savior mission was very intense. After the first death, I doubt anyone really knew who was safe, until the end if you heard about a certain actor's promotion for season 2. The parkour was amazing too, but it should have had a 'don't try this at home' stamped on the bottom of the screen.

It did have me wondering where the police was in all this. Normally we get a glimpse of it through Quentin's story, but he was so busy with Dinah that all of that was missed out on. It will be a bit difficult to blame 'the Hood' for it since the real killer didn't use a bow, but I doubt that they cared.

I especially enjoyed how everything pushed our vigilante group even closer together. Sure there was yelling and tears, but I think that this challenge will set them up to be stronger together for when the next big attack happens. It even allowed Oliver to open up to Laurel again, which might be the beginnings of a revival of their feelings, since Tommy seems to be pulling away.

Above all else, it did an amazing job at setting up Roy's heroic future. He is stuck in some real dark dealings, but after what he went through, and the support of Thea, I can see him kicking some serious butt in the near future. Now all that remains is training; will he train himself, or find the Arrow Cave and join Oliver's band of outlaws?


The island romp was huge this week too. I doubt anyone actually expected Edward to let them off the island so easily, but what an amazing turn of events. I especially loved how they all fought off the mercenaries on their own, but together as a whole; it was an amazing scene, which was made even better by Slade's look of amazement when he realized what just happened. Now we know how everyone got together, but what about Fei? I doubt that he will be killed off since it will make more sense for him to be used as the next bargaining chip, but who knows what condition he will be left in next time we see him.

Surprisingly the whole Sara storyline is over already. Wow, that sure didn't last long. Could it come back, of course, but for now, I would say the coffin is security fastened. What I can't believe is how useless Quentin was during this whole thing. He is a detective, but yet his lawyer daughter was able to dig up the truth quicker than he could. Perhaps it would be a good idea for them to swap jobs for a bit, the streets might be much safer with Laurel on the streets.

The Undertaking also progressed further this week. Moira's actions will undoubtedly cause conflict amongst the viewers. She obviously cared for her friend, but she loved her family even more. With how she was reacting, this was likely the first time she actually had blood on her hands, and I doubt it will be the last. Will this be enough to push her over the edge to take even more drastic measures to stop Malcolm, or will she just concede and go along for the ride? It won't be long now before Malcolm's plan is put into action, so she doesn't have much time if she wants to play the hero again.

While there were some parts that were predictable, 'Salvation' was still a wild ride, and definitely one of the best episodes thus far. Almost all the pieces are set up in this giant Starling City chessboard, so it shouldn't be long before Oliver's gang is put to their most demanding test yet.

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