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Arrow: Salvation

Season 1: Episode 18

"Salvation" Review

Episode Plot

An angry resident of The Glades who calls himself "The Savior" embarks on a kidnapping and killing spree to punish those he believes have wronged the residents of his neighborhood. To make things worse, he broadcasts these murders online and claims he was inspired by Arrow's vigilantism. Oliver is horrified by this statement and vows to stop "The Savior," but his manhunt in intensified after Thea comes to him in tears and tells him Roy has been kidnapped. Laurel is surprised when her father starts to believe her mother's claim that Sara is still alive. Meanwhile, Malcom tells Moira to find the person responsible for his attempted murder.

Starring Cast

Stephen Amell
Oliver Queen

Katie Cassidy
Laurel Lance

Willa Holland
Thea Queen

Colin Donnell
Tommy Merlyn

David Ramsey
John Diggle

Paul Blackthorne
Quentin Lance

Susanna Thompson
Moira Queen

Emily Bett Rickards
Felicity Smoak

Manu Bennett
Slade Wilson

John Barrowman
Malcom Merlyn

Byron Mann
Yao Fei

Sebastian Dunn
Edward Fyers

Colton Haynes
Roy Harper


Episode Quotes

Felicity: You went over there to be all 'Grrr stop being bad or I'll arrow you', now you want to rescue him.
Oliver: I don't like the idea that somebody dangerous is out there. Somebody else.

Slade: Just get us the damned boat!

Roy: Well, we don't all have butlers. You know, some of us actually have to answer our own doors.
Thea: Oh, the horror.

Thea: Why do you have a gun?
Roy: Because I'm no good with knives.

Oliver: Are you waiting for me to finish before giving me the lecture?
Diggle: Oliver, you've been spending a lot of time under that hood in the last couple of weeks.
Oliver: It keeps my ears warm.

Diggle: That's a pretty bleak future you plan on spending with no one.

The Savior: John, I find you guilty.

Felicity: This guy's definitely got more than a subscription to wired. His website is protected by some very serious encryption.

Felicity: No offence, do I tell you how to sharpen your arrows?

The Savior: I'm going to give you ten minutes to deliver the closing argument of your life.

Frank Chan: I think your definition of good needs an adjustment.

Moira: There's nothing I wouldn't do to protect my children, Frank.

Thea: I'm sorta dating this guy who could, definitely be described as a bad boy, and I figure as someone who has dated like a gajillion of them...
Laurel: I haven't dated a gajillion... Alright, guilty as charged. You want my advice? Run, as fast as you possibly can.

Oliver: Where's Diggle?
Felicity: I asked him to leave me alone, in my loud voice.

Oliver: This is the thing about what we do, sometimes we lose.

Slade: I wouldn't be, but this one has some strange hangup about principles and integrity.

Dinah: I killed my daughter.

Oliver: I understand being of being alone, but it doesn't give you the right to kill people in cold blood.

Oliver: You alright? You seem like you're something other than all right.

Oliver: I don't want to be on an island anymore.

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