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Arrow: The Huntress Returns Review

The Wrath of the Ex

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


During the final hiatus of the series, Arrow fans patiently waited for the series return, especially since this one was special, this one was also when the Huntress returned to Starling City.

Most fans have been wondering what Helena has been up to since she skipped town on her motorcycle, but sadly that was barely touched on. Wherever it was, it didn't progress her character much, causing her return to be just a continuation of their last encounter, the hunt for daddy. Amazingly things went almost as I expected.

I don't understand how Helena, Oliver, or Diggs didn't figure out that the police would recognize her and set a trap, since they would have had the same security footage that John was looking at. The resulting interrogation had a few jaw dropping moments at least, although they were nothing compared to her second act.

Helena's cold-blooded murderous attitude shown through during her final hunt, and contrast with Oliver's new found heroic attitude exceptionally well. It is hard to believe that just a few months ago, Oliver was pretty much the same as the Huntress, only he has slowly become heroic thanks to his new friends. I was hoping that her character would become more just by now, but instead we are left with a hot-headed villain who will likely return for another rematch in the future. Let's just hope that she bumps into someone who can help her like Diggle helped Oliver before she returns.

Now, due to her actions, Oliver looses another person close to his heart. That man really can't catch a break! We should have known that this was coming though.

I believe I can fly!

If you've ever lost someone close to you, likely some small part of you held on to hope that everything was a mistake, and that they were still alive, somehow. Eventually that voice becomes a whisper, then disappears completely, but it doesn't take much for the flood of emotions to return when someone brings it back up again. This is what Laurel and Quentin had to go through this week, and it wasn't pretty for Quentin.

Laurel took this really well, all things considered. She didn't immediately jump aboard the S.S. Dinah, but she didn't throw it out either. She obviously wants to know the truth, but her will is strong enough to let herself become emotional over it.

Too bad her father isn't so strong. While he never appeared to be one of Arrow's strongest characters, mentally, I expected him to take Dinah's evidence and story as just another case, to be examined and deduced, like a detective should. Instead he let his emotions take over way too easily and jumped from one ship to the other far too quickly. This would be fine if he was still a sergeant, but a detective should be more impartial to things like this. I guess, after all, he is only human.

Roy also returned this week, and while he didn't seem any better than his petty crime introduction, the boy really turned around fast. I love his fighting style, even if it isn't as honed as Olivers, and he obviously a good sense of what is right and wrong, besides the whole stealing thing. It makes it really easy to understand what Thea sees in him; they are very similar characters after all, if your remove money out of the equation. Let's just hope that Oliver and Tommy will be forgiving and take him in, even though he already made a mistake.

On the other hand, Tommy is starting down a path that will be difficult for several fans. He is obviously torn up after learning what Oliver does, and the secrets he keeps, but he still seems loyal to his best friend, even though it hurt his relationship with Laurel. Although, while many will see his semi-forgiveness, after what he was put through, as a good sign for their friendship, it makes me believe that he will do the same for his father too, when Malcolm opens up to him. Knowing that both of them hold such similar dark secrets, he to be placed in a position that few people could relate to, and could destroy his character as we know it. Likely, Tommy will not be able to take this for very long, which will either cause him to leave Starling City to seek his own path, or set him on a path that will harm everyone. Let's just hope that I am wrong.

The flashbacks don't appear to be memories based on the current events any more, which is both good and bad. The good part is that they can now evolve on their own without being stuck in the primary story's shadow. Sadly, this removes any flow between the scenes. The way Oliver was dreaming about them or were related to his current thoughts made sense, allowing the flashbacks to hold an extra meaning. Now they are just another story; a great story with deep characters that defined Oliver to be the man he became, but no different from Thea or Laurel's story in relation to what Oliver is going through. Sadly, I have no idea hot this can be fixed without sacrificing something else, so this is something that we will have to get used to, and expect others to pick on.

After all the dust settled, and the cliffhanger had time to settle in, I am left with excitement and wonder for what the next episode of Arrow will bring. Will Oliver and Slade get what they want? Will Tommy make the right choices? How long will it take before Roy puts his skills to good use? Is Sara alive? These are just the top questions I am left with this week, and while I know some may not get answered for a while, it leaves great opportunities of where this series may head next.

Reviewer's Rating: 4/5

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