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Noble Thieves

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


This week we got to meet not just one shady character, but two; Roy Harper and the Dodger. Note that I never called them villains, since neither of them really is.

Okay, the Dodger is really pushing the villain limit by strapping an explosive collar on people, but he really only considers himself a Robin Hood-type person. It was a nice touch that both the Dodger and Roy like stealing from rich people; perhaps they can work together next time. James Callis and Colton Haynes fit in their respective roles as the Dodger and Roy Harper very well, which will make their return in future episodes ever so much more sweeter.

This episode wasn't just about thieves, but also post-valentines day love. I don't know who had the worst date, Oliver or Diggle, but both showed that even though you can seriously mess up, as long as you make it obvious that you are messed up, they will give you a second chance... I think. I mean, I can't think of any other reason that Carly and McKenna gave them a second chance, other than that they are already so deeply in love that they are ignoring the warning sirens.

I kind of felt sorry of Felicity though. Here she pushed them into relationships only to be alone, in a smoking hot dress. Why is she single in this series again? Are they leaving her open for another character? I am really surprised that Ollie and Diggs didn't become gibbering idiots when she made her entrance at the auction. I really love how she is adding just the right conflict in our hero's mind that may just turn him into become the hero we all want him to become.

Throw in a few more guns and a rocket launcher, and then it might have been a fair fight.

While everything else was going on, both of the Queen ladies made some very dangerous moves too. I don't know what Thea was thinking by going to the Glades alone to get her purse back. Was it because she wanted to meet him, or has Oliver's bravery begun to rub off on her? Although, her mother is even worse off.

How could Moira know that Frank could be trusted? She put her entire family in danger with her little stunt, and even though he appears to be trust-worthy, things can turn around very quickly. Her plan may have been hatched out of fear for her family, but what will happen if it fails? I cannot foresee this ending well, for anyone.

The weakest part of the whole episode was the brief island flashbacks again. Last week we were shown so much, but yet this week it is back to short blips what barely tell a story. I think it would be better if the writers would hold off on the flashbacks and make them larger parts of episodes every few weeks instead of these quick flashes that hardly go anywhere.

After the events of this week's episode, it sounds like we will be transitioning from thieves to assassins. I only hope that they don't break our hearts by killing a fan favourite in the process.

Reviewer's Rating: 4/5

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