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Arrow: The Odyssey Review

The Siege of Skyhawk 801F

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


With all the small flashbacks that we have had throughout this first season so far, fans of the series have requested that the writers spend more time to evolve Oliver's back-story more, and this week our prayers were finally answered.

Slade and Oliver's trek through the island was fantastic. I really loved how they worked together, despite only just meeting. We also now know the identity of the other Deathstroke - Billy Wintergreen. This makes sense in some ways as he was Slade's mentor, and butler, in the comics, but never was as skilled as Slade. I wonder if Slade survived the island and will return in the present day adventures, perhaps as Deathstroke.

Of course, their fight for escape would have been a hell of a lot easier if Yao would have told Oliver why he was willing to betray him. A quick "they have my daughter" line would have gone a long way. Perhaps if the previous flashbacks weren't so short this frustration could have been avoided.

Now we have a new character to add to the mix, Shado, and from Oliver and her tattoos, it is very likely that they will become friends in the future. For comic book fans, it may feel a bit odd that they crossed the stories to Yao and Shado, but it might work out, as long as they build up the story properly. I wonder if this means Yao Fei is Yakuza?

The best part of the whole island adventure is that we are finally starting to see Oliver change from the spoilt rich kid to the brave and strong fighter he is now. I doubt we would have noticed this change properly with the short couple minute clips we were getting before, so I am glad the writers decided to take so much time to show his evolution in one episode.

Deathstroke vs Deathstroke... who would have figured.

Of course we knew that Oliver going to survive, in both the past and present, after all, we just got an announcement for season 2, so their wasn't any real suspense that he was going to get killed off. This is a problem with almost every hero series; if there is only one main hero, they won't kill him or her off until the end of the series. Everyone else is fair game, so we need more to threaten his friends and family, not him.

Moria may be angry about getting a visit from the vigilante, but she will never forgive herself if she ever finds out who it was. Now would be a very bad time for him to hold a press event and announce that he is the Green Arrow, Stark-style.

I also thought that it was a great idea for Oliver going to Felicity for help, and that she is willing to help find Walter, but not the rest of his activities. It wouldn't have been realistic if she just accepted everything without actually witnessing what he does. This doesn't mean that she won't slowly join his team as the story unfolds, and who knows, Walter might die pushing them all into vendetta mode.

The only major problem I had with the entire episode was that Oliver was walking around so quickly after everything that happened to him... I guess we can't ask for everything to be on a silver platter.

'Odyssey' was definitely a must watch episode, not just for the rich back-story, but also to see how well Felicity fits in with Oliver and Diggle's operation.

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5

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