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Arrow: Betrayal Review

Everyone has Trust Issues

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


We all knew that Quentin's decision to use his daughter as bait was going to backfire, only we didn't know how bad it would get.

Cyrus Vanch's introduction was very cold, which fit with his character extremely well. This man acted calm and collected regardless of the situation he was in, and didn't care who he stepped on to rise up the latter of the criminal underbelly. I expected him to start going after the gangs, but instead he went right to the top and after the vigilante.

Oliver wasn't just being targeted by a gang leader, but the police too. I figured that conflict over the vigilante might happen after the good publicity he was getting when he was missing, so Lieutenant Pike's interest in leaving "The Hood" alone was great news, but typically Detective Lance showed how stubborn he was again. To make it worse, Quentin even ignore the warning of the repercussions with his daughter's relationship and the risk to her safety from his lieutenant. Perhaps it's time that the detective gets some therapy since he obviously has issues.

Although, his decisions did give us the best action scenes of the episode, including Laurel squashing two of Cyrus' goons like bugs. I really wish they had her put up a fight against Cyrus himself though since it felt to convenient that she would lose so quickly.

What should have been the biggest fight felt really easy. Once again, Oliver was able to swiftly carve out a path through dozens of men with machine guns like they were all just dummy targets. After the first few quickly fell, I would have expected the others to step up their game a bit, but that never happened. At least it gave us the opportunity to see Quentin help Oliver for a change, even if his role was small. But were we really supposed to believe that Oliver couldn't quickly take down the last good then pin Cyrus to the wall? He's been in worse situations before. Let's just hope that this will be the end of the police hunting Oliver for a while.

Quintin's decisions also affected Laurel's relationship with Tommy's too, but on a much lesser scale. Tommy never really commented on Oliver's extracurricular activities before, so I had no idea how he would react, but thankfully he was more upset about her lies than "the Hood". It was ironic that Tommy asked for advice from Oliver regarding it, but with Oliver being his friend, who else was he going to ask? Tying Tommy's trust issues with Oliver's mother was a great idea too.

It is never a great feeling that someone you love has dark secrets, especially when that person is your mother, so it was only fitting that Oliver was in a dilemma over his mother having the book. I can't believe that he still believed her after his mother lied when confronted with it, especially since he knew that he already had his father's copy.

Diggle's idea to follow her to find out what she was really up to was a great idea. I wonder how many awkward situations he found himself in before he finally learnt the things that Oliver didn't want to hear. I found it a bit convenient Diggle had smokes and a lighter since we never see Diggle smoke though. At least now they have the evidence they need to pay her a hooded visit, and I doubt that this visit will go as planned. Wouldn't it be funny if she realizes that it is Oliver? After all, a mother knows her son best, right?

Of everything that happened in this entire episode, the most surprising part was that Yao Fae led Oliver to Slade Willson. We already had a Deathstroke back at Edward's camp, so finding out that there are two, and that Slade is Oliver's trainer, were amazing twists. I wonder if the other man was turned by Edward, or if he has another plan to help Yao.

"Betrayal" had lots of great twists and action, but once again I found myself disappointed that the villain; Cyrus, was brought down so quickly. At least they left it open to his return, but I was expecting something more out of him.

Reviewer's Rating: 4/5

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